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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HEFILM 6 / 10

Cave monster fans and Lovecraft fans give it a look

There are nostalgic reasons to like this now, back in the good old days the mid 1980's when low budget still meant you shot the thing on film and went outside of your neighborhood to shoot it. But I saw this in the 80's before the nostalgia kicked in and it was fun and it holds up for the most part now, rewatching a well battered VHS.

This is in the Lovecraft zone for sure and the story is good. The execution varies, it would be great to see a DVD release of this with some background info as this is an Indie production and therefore its origins would be interesting. A DVD might show the cave sets to be sets, but would probably also show the image more cleanly in good ways too. I think it's pretty well photographed,but in some instances video transfers just couldn't handle the contrast ratios like this. In one scene, for instance, a flash camera is used to light the way and each flash makes the whole video image jump and ruins a cool reveal shot of the creature.

(A pretty nice DVD of this was released in August of 2009 and is well worth getting)

The monster is creepy looking, even if you're not afraid of vaginas and part of it certainly does look like one. The DVD reveals two things that have to be mentioned in light of this. The director is now a women (though still married to his/her wife that he had kids with?!?) How much of a woman then is he/she? And the designer of the creature is now openly gay though at the time says he was not "out" yet. So think, or don't think, about this too deeply while watching the movie. They also show the puppet, battered but still looking very, well vaginal or as the designer says, it looks like a penis with a vagina on the end of it. Does all this make the monster sound scary enough for you?

Performers vary but several of them engage your interest enough to care about their fate and one of them, who deserves to die, does indeed have a very good death scene. Yes 1980's film fans, the lead large-possibly-not-real-breasted actress, seemingly the only veteran actor of the bunch, wears a tight white semi tube top,and even tighter jeans, and yes they eventually get her wet. But the thing that it deserves credit for is you can always tell which character is which, which, if you pardon the repeated word, is more than THE DESCENT managed to do.

The enjoyable John Carpenter rip off score is probably the most dated element and it actually dates it in a good way, the whole story with a cave monster gives it a old fashioned feel in a good way too. It's a good old fashioned monster story.

Other films in this ballpark are of course the recent THE DESCENT, and WHAT WAITS BELOW, and THE BOOGENS, but this film is not exactly like any of those and though not as good as those in many ways still has its share of creepy moments amid a couple of "we didn't really shoot this action scene well enough for it to all make sense sequences." The mine setting is well enough done to build interest and it moves pretty well to the end. Bring on a DVD version someone. Some of the well done animation is by Ernest D Farino who has for many years worked at Industrial Light and Magic doing work on Star Wars films and several James Cameron title sequences.

Reviewed by sheldonrs 3 / 10

I saw this movie a few years ago...

My boss at the time and showed it to us at a Halloween party at our office. He is the Chris Huntley that co-wrote and acted in it. He knows it's bad, we know it's bad and we all agree that the monster looks WAY too much like a vagina to be coincidence. Maybe it was from a gynocological experiment gone wrong.

It was a VERY low budget and the actors were all friends so what you have here is a case of "hey gang, lets' put on a show".

Nobody got hurt and it was a first attempt. Nothing wrong with that. It gave us all a good laugh and it's a great film to watch with friends and make fun of. :-)

Reviewed by meddlecore 5 / 10

Mining Horror

There are tales about these mountains. These tales surround both the existence of a "gold spike" that lies on ancient sacred lands belonging to the Native Americans, and the white-man hating God that protects it from fairer skinned prospectors.

We find ourselves following a rag-tag group of these very-white prospectors- including a foreman, some miners, a geologist, a writer and his assistant, and their local guide- who plan on finding and cashing in on this mythological treasure. It was once sought after decades earlier, but the miners refused to continue working there.

Eventually the team finds an exposed cavern, setting into it to investigate.

The "golden spike" they've been searching for seems not to be ore, rather ingots; while the vengeful God that's watching over it seems to be some sort of tentacled stop-motion beast, with an a**hole for a head.

While searching for an alternate exit after a cave-in, the remaining members of the crew happen upon a room filled with hanging pieces of mirror. The author mentions how the old miners used to put them up to see what was approaching them from behind- before refusing to work altogether.

As the group continues on, they are accosted by an eerie wind, prior to finding the dead and dismembered body of their geologist.

Still rationalizing everything, the writer sets off on his own to look for what he thinks may be an exit, because he "doesn't want to get anyone's hopes up", by telling them about it first. (moron) After he disappears- and having lost all hope of finding an exit- the crew moves down into the third layer of the cavern- a realm where the beast is said to reside and have it's nest.

It's clear that something is really down there when they find human bones; carcasses writhing with maggots; and the writer plastered to the ceiling with some sort of slime.

Now fearing the worst, the group takes some defensive measure before putting their final escape plan into action. But is it too late? Have they gone too far already? Is there even a way out? Surely not, if that monstrous "God" has it's way.

The Strangeness is a pretty straight forward little horror with an imaginative monster that I wish we got to see more of. It's not terribly complex, overwhelmingly scary or very cinematic, but it's interesting enough to hold your attention. I've seen better...but I've also seen worse.

5 out 10.

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