The Stronghold


Adventure / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 2267

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jkh-02537 7 / 10

Family Friendly Fantasy / Adventure Flick

Off the get-go, be advised this movie has subtitles... I don't mind unless they are done poorly, but these seemed just fine to me.

I normally break down movies into pros & cons, but honestly, almost everything about this movie falls into the "pro" category... the acting was really good / story was good / special effects were done really well / even fight choreography was really quite decent / camera work was fine / audio was fine... there really isn't much I can find fault with this movie...

If you enjoy fantasy / adventure movies, this has to be one of the better ones I've seen in quite some time...

That said...

Cons ( and these really are minor ) - 1 - The CGI work on the "evil super monster" could have been better... It was still better than most stuff on SyFy and whatnot, but still looked fake / 2 - There were a couple of plot holes that had no explanation other than the movie saying "because I say so" / 3 - I really wish they had played off the "fairy tale" aspect of more of the knights... ie, a little more character development with more than just 1 knight...

Again... these are all minor complaints... the movie as a whole was 100% enjoyable... Two thumbs up from me... ( Would I watch it again and again? probably not or at least not right away... which is why I'm giving 7 stars instead of like 8 or 9... )

But... good flick.. highly recommend.

( Side note... I assume the Cumans were actually speaking a different language during the movie... thus they were dubbed as well as subtitled? I didn't mind, but some of the dubbing sounded a little out of place... )

Reviewed by handbagshoes 8 / 10

A good watchable Ukrainian fantasy movie.

A good watchable Ukrainian fantasy movie. It is about a schoolboy who fears heights who gets sucked into some sort of vortex and is transported thousands of years into the past. the acting was very good and I was quite impressed with the fight scenes which was very good. It did not look like the special effects was cheap either. And to top it all it had a good storyline

The only problem was the sub titles which were a bit hit and miss in places as in some parts it is at a good speed that you can read it , then in other parts the sub title just flew past.

Reviewed by farshad_vfx 3 / 10


I score three points for audacity and approaching this subject, but this is not enough. This is incomplete. This is a delay. It is not good. I hope that the filmmaker will move forward in the future and this Hollywood will set aside the games.

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