The Stronghold

2020 [FRENCH]

Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.5 10 893

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-1 9 / 10

Not entirely a crime movie.

I expected something different, a pure crime action gritty flick, closer to LES MISERABLES. But it is not on the whole film. It is a crime movie, very brutal, for the first part, but for the second one, it becomes a drama; it's not the same film. But believe me, this feature is an awesome film, pulled by outstanding performances. Gilles Lelouche has never been better. In his role, he is his character, he doesn't play, HE IS HIS CHARACTER. And Cyril Lecomte is also very good in the "rat" role, a very usual character for him, a nasty, disgusting guy. Remember him in TRAVAIL D'ARABE, where he played a crook cheating on an old widow. The perfect traitor. Inspired from a true story. Olivier Marchal could not have made such a film, for the second part, I mean.

Reviewed by Nplus1 6 / 10

Raw but shallow

Loosely inspired by actual events, the movie tries to show the image "behind" the headlines of a case related to the anti-crime squad in the Northern neighborhoods of Marseille (some of the roughest parts of the country). It has a certain "educational" value, allowing the general public to understand some of the complex aspects law enforcement has to deal with, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Although it has a good production value and manages to create a pretty authentic atmosphere, unfortunately it lacks depth. It raises some ethical questions, but does not insist too much (actually at all) on the social aspect, it doesn't search for reasons, it doesn't search for solutions, it just tells a story.

From this point of view I find "BAC Nord" less convincing and thought provoking than "Les Misérables" (Ladj Ly), which is kind of a shame because it feels like a missed opportunity.

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