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Warren Stevens as Dr. Blalock
Peter Hooten as Carter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

A really enjoyable 70's drive-in romp

Three nubile young prison inmates -- fiery Carrie (slinky blonde Jillian Kesner), sassy Chicago (lovely eyeful Janice Heiden), and fragile Mitzi (foxy brunette June Fairchild) -- are chosen for an unorthodox college study on human behavior that's being conducted by shrink Professor Blalock (a solid turn by Warren Stevens). Unbeknownst to the gals, they are really being used as guinea pigs for an experimental drug that causes all of them to become more exceedingly hostile and unstable: Mitzi steals a giant stuffed penguin from a toy store display window, Chicago becomes aggressively libidinous, and Carrie suddenly develops a moral conscience. Ably directed with flair to spare by underrated 70's B-movie master Gus ("Nashville Girl") Trikonis, with a pleasing plenitude of tasty distaff nudity, a smidgen of soft-core sex, several cool set pieces (highlights include a rough'n'tumble catfight in an all-girls juvenile penitentiary, a rowdy pool party, and a smoky back alley high stakes craps game), a tight'n'trim 75 minute running time, profane dialogue, a pertinent central message about the dangers of unethical unregulated drug testing, and a winningly raunchy sense of breezy'n'easy irreverent humor, this flick serves up loads of infectiously trashy grindhouse fun. The three lady leads are hot, sexy and attractive (Fairchild in particular is absolutely adorable), plus they all are pretty capable actresses. This movie further benefits from spirited acting by an enthusiastic supporting cast: Peter Hooten as Blalock's hunky nice guy son Carter, Judith Roberts as the shrewish Ms. Blalock, Vic Jolley as the girls' uptight guardian Vernon, David Ankrum as the nerdy Leroy, and Faith Barnhart as the snippy Sharon. The always reliable Gary Graver's typically proficient cinematography does the trick. The groovy 70's cop show-style disco score by Don Bagley and Steve Michaels likewise hits the funky spot. A hugely entertaining and unjustly overlooked exploitation blast.

Reviewed by trashgang 4 / 10

not that sleazy as said

This here is a perfect example of seventies drive-in sleaze. up to my review it isn't available on DVD. You can find it on a double feature VHS but it doesn't go cheap on the web. Still, the copy I have is still in excellent condition. No extra hiss or scratches or damaged tape. Lucky to have such copy. But was I lucky to see it, well, it's a good story and I was surprised about the excellent filming and even editing. But of course the director Gus Trikonis became a famous director of television series the best known, Baywatch. So you can see that he had it to make it. Even the cast in this flick went further into the business and it shows also because they all act pretty well. But naturally, it's drive-in style so nothing really happens, you got 3 girls which are really bad ones in jail so they are send to some kind of farm were they get involved in experiments. They have to take drugs so from nasty girls they become really nasty girls. There is a bit of nudity in it, a catfight in a penitentiary, and some fights. But it's funny to see it all just for the hairstyles and the clothes. So 70's. If you collect grindhouse or exploitation than you must have it, because some actors and the director made it in the scene. But for me it lacked a bit of sleaze, yes, the fountain was sleazy but still, I have seen better drive-in's. My version clocked in at 86 minutes and not as stated on IMDb as 76 minutes...

Reviewed by Uriah43 4 / 10

An Intensive Rehabilitation Program

As part of an experiment, 3 beautiful female prison inmates named "Carrie" (Jillian Kesner), "Chicago" (Janice Heiden) and "Mitzi" (June Fairchild) are transferred from prison to a college with the stipulation that they undergo an intensive rehabilitation program there. Part of the program involves taking a new experimental drug to inhibit their aggressive natures. What they don't know is that the person in charge of the program, "Dr. Blalock" (Warren Stevens) has accepted a $150,000 bribe to administer the new drug without authorization of any kind. At any rate, rather than reveal the rest of the plot I will just say that this film represents standard drive-in movie fare during a time when the drive-in theaters in America were rapidly losing business. Unable to compete with indoor movie theaters to acquire first-run movies, the drive-ins had to settle for whatever they could get their hands on. This typically involved B-movies and low-budget exploitation films. For what it's worth though, this particular film wasn't too bad all things considered. Even so, I rate it as slightly below average overall.

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