The Surprise

2015 [DUTCH]

Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 4195

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SameirAli 8 / 10

Another beautiful movie from Mike van Diem

Director Mike van Diem is back with his new movie after 18 years.

A mother expecting her death, an emotionless son, the movie begins like this. After the death of his mother, the hero tries several methods to commit suicide, but all in vain. In search of death, he encounters some Indian people who are running a business to help to commit suicide. As usual, he meets the heroine there, who is also looking for the same. Her company brings radical changes in his emotions, he laughs, become angry and as expected hope of life grows in him. Now he needs to get rid of the killers or at-least a delay. The plot is similar to Malayalam movie "Kaakkakkum Poochakkum Kallyaanam". The amazing treatment along with the smaller and bigger "Surprises" makes this movie unique and a different experience.

There are some unique similarities with the director's previous movie "Karakter". The absence of love or in this case, he has a glass barrier between him and the real world. The hero grows up without the presence of his father is also a common factor. Beautiful visuals, production design, actors are the great highlights of the movie.

Reviewed by calorne 6 / 10

Stylish at times and very funny at times

I liked the leads except when one of them was speaking English and had a terrible accent.

The gardener was also good, but some of the other characters were rather wooden.

Some nice twists and turns in the story and some nice buildings and cars to look at.

At two or three points I laughed a lot, but not the whole way through.

Reviewed by peggysue422 10 / 10

Fantastic and original!

I loved everything about this movie!! So original and I didn't mind reading the captions when they were not speaking English. The humor kept it from being too morbid. The actors were superb!

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