The Swarm

2020 [FRENCH]

Drama / Fantasy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6 10 756

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by valemas 9 / 10

Slow build to a true thrill

I had fun.

As advertised, this movie takes the mundane and turns into horrifying. I wish we had seen more destruction, but the relationship between the characters take the forefront. This is not a horror movie, but rather the story of a family, of sacrifice and of greed (with some well placed gore).

I recommend this movie to those who are used to french cinema and those who watch with an open mind.

Reviewed by DaegT 7 / 10

The ending could be better

Feel like an original story even though animal horror in a small town is nothing new. So I expected something different from a Hollywood clone and yes, bingo! This's a right shot. The whole movie has successfully created an eerie, suspending atmosphere. Unlike Hollywood clones, it doesn't depend on any sudden sound effect to make u scream and jump up. Simply, it's kinda gradual sense of horror.

Still, the movie has it rough edges. The ending doesn't make a good sense. It's not that bad, but just could be way better if the director knows that humans are not the only living organism in the woods ;)

This movie is def not for everyone. If u r not fond of slow pace horror movies, then stay away from it.

Reviewed by GrayedMan 1 / 10

Horrible dog murder

The protagonist is not a likable character. It is hard to stay with a movie when you are rooting against the lead character. Then 3/4 of the way through she brutally murders a dog. It isn't the first animal death by the way. I shut it off at that point.

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