The Sweeter Side of Life


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 1053

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Sam Douglas as Dino Ravettino
James Best as Paddy Kerrigan
Alastair Mackenzie as Benny Christophe
Jane March as Lana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hackraytex 9 / 10

Exceeded All Expectations

I was originally attracted to this movie to watch James Best perform. I have been a fan of his for years and have never been disappointed in his performances. I was also aware that this was the last movie that he was in before passing away about eighteen months later. As usual, Mr. Best was at the top of his ability and delivered another solid performance. If he was having any health problems, it did not show. It can be said with clear conviction that he went out on top.

I did not recognize the name "Kathryn Morris" and was doubly impressed with her ability to do comedy. No disrespect to Ms. Morris but I had never seen her do comedy before and she acted like she had been doing it for many years. Also, Ms. Morris can certainly carry the torch if Goldie Hawn decides to retire but I hope Ms. Hawn stays at it for awhile longer. The comparison between Ms. Morris and Ms. Hawn is not meant to diminish either one of these very talented performers. To my great surprise when I checked IMDB to find that I had had been watching her in Cold Case. As an all around actress, she is A#1. This is a good, clean, funny, family movie without being syrupy. Well worth my time. Good job everyone and rest in peace Mr. Best.

Reviewed by Sherim 10 / 10


I wish I was good at writing reviews, but I'm terrible. Still had to write regarding Sweeter Side though. What a cute,fun, family movie. It was good to see the main character come out on top after so much bad things that got thrown her way. And to see a family stick together too. I couldn't get enough of it. We need more fun movies like this one. Keep them coming. I highly recommend everyone watch it. ") Everyone involved, did a great job. I also loved the music that was featured. Will be buying the soundtrack, if one comes out.I plan on buying it when it comes out on DVD too. Applause to the writing and directing team of Michael and Janeen Damian.

Reviewed by LittleLouLou-2 10 / 10

Need more movies of this caliber!

Good family movies are all too rare; we need more like this! At first, I thought the "ditzy blonde" scenes were a little much, a little corny and overdone. That is, until I watched with grandchildren who thought they were hilarious. Then I realized that those things MAKE the movie family fare... something to appeal to all ages. The acting was perfection, itself; I was very impressed with the personality characterizations. In fact, I admit that I even had to wonder if James Best still "had it". Yes, he certainly does; he was just the right guy for the part. Don't hang up your acting hat yet, Jimmy!

Hats off to the Damians for another great movie!

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