The Swindle

1977 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 363

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Tomas Milian as Nico Giraldi
David Hemmings as Robert Clayton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by OJT 5 / 10

Tripe B-movie with little going for it

Italian B-movie with the lesser known Corbucci, the writer of many more famous movies.

This is quite tripe, not very funny, and rather badly acted.

Still it entertains to a 5/10, but nothing you really need to see.

I'm ot sure what's the point in Netflix giving such films a new chance. This is as mediocre as can be, and no huge b-film cult potential.

Reviewed by reliance 7 / 10

A very pleasant, exhilarating B-movie

In Italy this is considered a B-movie. Anyway it is a sort of thriller, very rich in strange and funny characters, sometimes a little exaggerated. Dialogues are often based on Roman dialect which could be difficult to understand (sometimes it is even for Italians). Among conversations, there's a lot of gags, especially between two main characters, Nico Giraldi and Venticello, representing people coming from the same poor, post-war background. One of them is a policeman (Nico), the other one (Venticello) is a definitely unlucky, ignorant, little thief. Once were friends. In a way, they still are. The main soundtrack theme is obsessive and distressing, creating a suspense that's difficult to imagine. I saw this movie several times, but from time to time I like to watch it again, just for fun. A movie rich of rude dialogs and scenes that make you laugh even before any of the characters has the chance to speak. It could be considered a B-movie but I think that soon it will be re-evaluated.

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