The Teckman Mystery



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Keywords:   woman director, murder, england, missing person, amateur detective, victim's sister, victim's wife

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Rather tiresome

THE TECKMAN MYSTERY is very much a B-movie mystery of the era, written by Francis Durbridge who was no stranger to the genre. It involves a writer investigating the mysterious death of a pilot who (spoiler alert) eventually turns out to still be alive, and his investigation leads to the man's sister as played by Margaret Leighton. It's a slightly sluggish affair, not helped by an over-complicated storyline that ends up more annoying than involving. There are some familiar faces in the cast including the usual reliables like Michael Medwin, Raymond Huntley and Sam Kydd and they're always welcome, but overall this is rather tiresome.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

slow British mystery

Helen Teckman and Philip Chance are strangers sitting next to each other on a plane. She's reading a book which happens to be authored by him. He's been assigned to write a biography of test pilot Martin Teckman who died a few months earlier and happens to be her brother. He returns home to find it ransacked. He starts investigating Martin's crash of an experimental plane.

The start is intriguing. The investigating goes slowly. It's a lot of sitting around and talking. With all the murders and deaths, one expects more thrills. It lacks kinetic energy and falters in intensity. The characters are more likely to have a long relaxing smoke or drink tea than get into a fight. Time and time again. The movie likes to dwell on their boring static conversations. It's slow and the style isn't much of anything. I'm still interested in the central mystery but the movie is not making it that exciting.

Reviewed by boblipton 7 / 10

Mystery Becomes Suspense

John Justin is a writer flying home to London to argue that he shouldn't write the biography of a test pilot whose plane crashed. As he sits on the plane, Margaret Leighton is seated next to him, reading a magazine with a story by him. They get to chatting and he discovers she is the sister of the pilot. He decides to write the book, but as he does his research, the people he wishes to speak to keep dying.

It's a nice little mystery, with director Wendy Toye adhering to many of the conventions of the British film genre, including the police actually knowing how to do their job. It's not a terribly deep mystery, but it does turn into an interesting movie in terms of suspense: The audience and Justin have all the clues they need, and Justin's inability to see the solution puts him at risk. It makes you want to shout at him.

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