The Terror Live

2013 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 6488

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Jung-woo Ha as Yeong-hwa Yoon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paulclaassen 7 / 10


Well, this was fascinating! The film effectively demonstrates the power of the media - radio, in this instance. This was very realistic and suspenseful, and became more and more intriguing as it progressed. Some really good visuals as well, especially the awesome ending! Loved it!

Reviewed by SAMTHEBESTEST 7 / 10

The Terror Live is misfired at occasions but throws its big bombs perfectly at corrupt system and disloyal media.

The Terror Live (2013) : Brief Review -

The Terror Live is misfired at occasions but throws its big bombs perfectly at corrupt system and disloyal media. I am not a big fan of Korean cinema but i have loved watching major classics made there. Maybe that's why i expect every acclaimed/known Korean film to be damn sensible and intellectual and may be that's why The Terror Live seemed like a gun, misfired at some places. The film is close to 'real time thriller' term but as we progress with the characters, we start getting those regular vibes. A newsman discovers he's been rigged with a bomb after he has an exclusive interview with a terrorist who blew up a bridge. The story has a simple demand that the audience should stick to it for 95 minutes and if that's okay for you then this one is not a waste of time at all. I tried to think about the motive of the film and i realised that it was very important. But then i see what changes have we seen after that in system, politicians and media who are still walking corrupted with no fear of any sort? Then did the film really succeed to send a message? It has.. but i guess people are not interested about it after finishing those 90 minutes of viewing. So all that important topic and stuff I was talking about goes in vain. The film fails to match its own intelligence by making false promises at the beginning, however, i liked the point when it tries to find a new motive after losing that promised one. The performances and technical aspects are excellent. It keeps you on edge of your seats and it's quite possible that you might just end up bitting nails by the time it ends. It's true that a better writing would have made it a classic thriller and i had to say that it misses the tag by some noticeable distance. Nevertheless, it still worths every second of your watch time so don't miss it. I'm going with half-a-star extra only for attempting to do something different from mainstream filmmaking.

RATING - 7/10*

By - #samthebestest.

Reviewed by andrewchristianjr 7 / 10


A pretty entertaining, tense thriller. My favorite thing about it was how the main character was sleazy and pretty unlikeable, though you still sympathized with his predicament. It started to get a bit silly and over-the-top by the end unfortunately. Korean films continue to be hard hitting and brutal in execution and style compared to American films, and this is most effective in movies like these.

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