The Thirteenth Tale


Drama / Mystery

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Antonia Clarke as Young Emmeline
Alexandra Roach as Hester Barrow
Robert Pugh as John The Dig
Tom Goodman-Hill as Dr. Mawsley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 7 / 10

A Tale of family woe

The film was pushed as a spooky, supernatural story when it is more of a thriller.

Vanessa Redgrave is the dying writer. Olivia Coleman is the biographer called in to write a story of her youth in a large house with a dysfunctional family.

A mother who went mad. A father on the verge of madness plus uncontrollable sisters who are a burden to the housekeepers.

The film takes a while to get going but the book has been adapted for the screen by Oscar winner Christopher Hampton.

As the film develops, secrets are revealed about the twin sisters and their effect of the people around them.

The film is well acted and the story gradually draws you in and surprises you as it does not go the way you think it will.

Of course I have never read the book so no comparison is made with the novel. It's a drama that stands in its own merits.

Reviewed by Lejink 8 / 10

One out of three is bad

This BBC psychological thriller drew on most of the established "givens" in what appeared to be a classic ghost story, with a big creepy house, a troubled governess, mysterious deaths, brooding Yorkshire moors, emotionally disturbed children and of course sightings of a ghostly lady in white. In fact, the twist is that it manages to subvert all these clichés and still produce a gripping story which holds the viewer until the end.

Perhaps the story had a little too much going on, what with Olivia Colman's character's own big childhood secret ("everyone's got one", as Vanessa Redgrave's dying narrator repeatedly tells her), the romance between the married doctor and the fretful governess and the Agatha Christie-like succession of unexplained and apparently uninvestigated deaths, but with atmospheric direction and fine acting by the two leads in particular, both of whom resist the temptation to ham it up, they successfully draw the viewer into these improbable events.

Yes, the twist about the mysterious twin sisters is fairly transparent from early on and it fails to deliver even one "jump out your chair" moment, but the story carefully explains away all the loose ends it throws up by the fiery conclusion. As I said the story's not exactly original, as becomes obvious when Colman twice on her own visits the old haunted house in time-honoured Tippi Hedren fashion, but my eyes were pretty much glued to it throughout, if not quite through my fingers I must say.

Reviewed by paul2001sw-1 5 / 10

Unengaging and unconvincing

'The Thirteenth Tale', a new BBC drama, tells the story of madness in an upper class family. There's a twist in the tale, but finding a way to convey it critically maims the dramatic structure: the story is told, entirely in hindsight, in a way that kills engagement, promoting the mundane story of the telling into the foreground over the potentially more interesting story that's actually being told. One can also note that this is the sort of tale where, however neglected or crazy its young protagonists are supposed to be, they never fail to look anything but ravishing. I found it psychologically unconvincing and essentially dull.

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