The Three Stooges


Biography / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 7 10 1955

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Anna Lise Phillips as Mabel Fine
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Rachael Blake as Helen Howard
Michael Gregory as Studio suit
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 7 / 10

Affectionate memoir of the legendary comedy act

I will say I like The Three Stooges, they are very funny and never fail to make me laugh. This film is an affectionate, well played and efficiently directed memoir to Moe(whose perspective the film is told in), Shemp and Curly Howard. It details of how the comedy act made countless Columbia shorts with little award, the physical toll the trio's routines took and more obviously their comic legacy. This is all made possible by the efficient direction from James Frwaley, a good script and above average production values. The performances are excellent, Paul-Ben Victor and John Kassir are great as Moe and Shemp, but the real star is Michael Chiklis as Curly. Curly was my favourite Stooge, and Chiklis made every effort to stay true to what Curly was like, and I appreciated that, especially in the more poignant parts such as when Curly has his stroke and when he realises that his face is the property of the studio and not himself. Of course, the film is too short and the studio politics sequences with the monstrous mogul Harry Cohn don't quite work. That said though, I enjoyed this. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by JoeB131 8 / 10

a good Biopic

The mark of a good Biopic is when you forget you are watching an actor and remember you are watching a character who was actually a real person.

This film did okay, for the limited medium it had, telling the "Stooges" (a career that spanned decades) in a two-hour movie with commercials. Paul Ben Victor is completely believable as Moe Howard, who really was the driving force behind the act. They started with their tutelage under Ted Healy (implying, incorrectly, Healy was nothing without the stooges when he enjoyed a pretty good career without them in film and stage.) It also portrayed Moe as a guy who was looking out for his partners even when they weren't looking out for themselves.

If the film has a weakness, it was in how they portrayed the later stages of their career. Shemp's return to the act was quickly washed over. (In fact, Shemp was with the act for nine years after Curley's debilitating stroke, and two more in the shameful years after his death when Columbia used a double and clips from other shorts.) Joe Besser and Curley Joe DeRita are mentioned, but not really characterized.

It was a harsh look at pre-SGA Hollywood, where actors were treated poorly and didn't share in the profits.... Although the stooges did better than most.

Overall, a fun film for Stooges fans.

Reviewed by caspian1978 6 / 10

Stooge Justice

Although the production value and the acting is great, the story- line keeps this movie from being great. Any die hard fan of the Three Stooges will want to watch this, but most fans will be left disappointed with how bad this movie got the story wrong. With what they could produce in under 2 hours, the movie showcases a multiple bio picture with thirty years of show business history thrown in. Still, how the Stooges are depicted and how history is depicted, leaves the audience the argument to disagree with every scene in the movie. Curly's health is touched upon, but his redemption as a Father and Husband is never discussed. Larry's back-story is hardly shown. This makes the movie central focus being Moe Howard. Still, much of Moe's background is never talked about. His depiction of a "has been" after the 1950's short series was far from the truth. Moe Howard was never un-employed or ever retired. The movie gets this wrong since Moe Howard was always working most of his professional career. In the end, the issue of money, fame or importance is never resolved. It is important that the movie mentions how bad the Stooges were treated by the Studio, but we never get to see the Studio's side to the story. The movie does show the human side to the Stooges which is good. Then again, depicting Shemp as a wimp and Joe Besser as a jerk is far from the truth. This is a fictional depiction of the three stooges and far from an accurate depiction of how these men truly were. Then again, compared to the 2012 Comedy the Three Stooges, this movie is much much better.

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