The Tiger Rising



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 108

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Christian Convery as Rob Horton
Madalen Mills as Sistine Bailey
Sam Trammell as Robert Horton Sr.
Queen Latifah as Willie May
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pixrox1 9 / 10

Nowadays you don't hear as much about the . . .

. . . "Heartbreak of Psoriasis" as you used to. This is too bad, because the dread plague of psoriasis is with us Today as much ever. But with all of the Modern viruses, variants and assorted outbreaks, Public Awareness of the psoriasis scourge has declined. However, kudos to THE TIGER RISING for being one of the top films about psoriasis in this our Modern 21st Century. Fifth-grader protagonist "Rob Horton" has a bad case of this scabrous skin condition on his lower legs. Since Rob lives in a Florida backwater, his school's dress code requires him to wear shorts. Not only does this make Rob fair game for all of the Confederate-type dimwits on his bus and in his class, but these big-mouthed tattletales also blab about Rob's malaise to their parents, who in turn complain to the school's principal, causing Rob to be suspended indefinitely from his public school by the bigoted Governor of Florida. This film's main accomplishment is to warn psoriasis sufferers NEVER to set foot in the state of Florida!

Reviewed by stevendbeard 6 / 10

How People Handle Loss

I saw The Tiger Rising, starring Christian Convery-Playing With Fire, Venom; Madalen Mills-Summering, Jingle Jangle:A Christmas Journey; Katharine McPhee-Scorpion_tv, The House Bunny; Sam Trammell-Homeland_tv, True Blood_tv; Dennis Quaid-American Underdog, The Intruder and Queen Latifah-The Equalizer_tv, Girls Trip.

This movie is based on a kids novel with the same name, The Tiger Rising and is about how people handle loss. Katharine and Sam are ten year old Christian's parents and when Katharine dies, both handle it differently. Sam doesn't even want to talk about Katharine-he tells Christian that he can't mention her name-and Christian suppresses his feelings so much that he breaks out in hives. Sam takes Christian and moves to get away from people that are trying to console them and gets a handyman job at a motel. Dennis owns the motel-and a big chunk of the town, as well-but is a sadistic boss. Madalen is a girl in Christian's school that befriends him-they are both picked on by the other kids-and Queen is a maid at the motel, who also becomes friends to the two kids. One day, Christian is exploring in the near by woods and finds a tiger in a cage. Who's tiger is it? What is it doing there? Should they let it free? These are burning questions that have consequences.

It's rated PG for language and violence and has a running time of 1 hour & 42 minutes.

It's not one that I would buy on DVD but it is good enough for a rental.

Reviewed by traceytak 2 / 10

Uncomfortable and irritating to watch like the undiagnosed allergy/rash

A tiger spends all its time in a small cage inhumanely, anyone can call animal welfare at any time but no one does. Two kids know about it and don't do the right thing. One child has itchy legs, another reviewer has decided this is psoriasis, yet it could be an allergy, or numerous skin conditions. The young female is irritating to watch, very unlikeable . Any male characters in the film are angry or passively aggressive. It's just a film which is annoying and senseless. If anyone watches this and thinks setting a tiger free, standing by and watching it is a good idea after it hasn't eaten for two days then they should stick to Pixar animations. A stupid concept all in all.

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