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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by feelingthefhvibe 1 / 10

Awful, and not even in a fun way

What drew me to the film was Brianna Hildebrand, having had conflicting opinions on her from her previous works and looking for a bit of a tie-breaker. What compelled me to write a review, though, was seeing the sharp split in the few reviews offered for the film. It looks like the divide is between people that watched it, and people that are trying to sell it, which is always a hoot.

I'm one of the ones that watched it. Regrettably.

The movie trailer tells you nearly everything you need to know about this story. Slapshod science being used solely to create a scenario where a middle-aged, floundering man has an excuse to get romantically involved with a teenaged girl. It genuinely never got deeper than that, and no matter the romantic music put on top of the scenes, it also never got less creepy than that premise suggests.

There was an element of predictability in the way the story unfolded that was tedious and cringey in turns. Scenes went on way too long. The dialogue felt awkward and forced. The audio balancing was amateurish. Watching the film was something I endured out of curiosity, and seeing other reviews describe this film as a 'comedy'... I think we watched different movies. I can't recall a single time I laughed. It's not framed as a comedy at all.

I'd recommend giving this movie a pass. It had nothing memorable to offer, all set to the tune of an incredibly inappropriate, groomer-y 'romance'. Bleh.

Reviewed by dkalloway 1 / 10

Every middle aged man's fantasy

Brianna, girl, you deserve so much better than this. This could've easily been a fascinating story of her character's perspective of coming back to a world that has moved on. Instead it's a story of a mediocre white man who has such a TOUGH choice to make: does he further his career and live the life he's built with his wife? Or does he chase his dick and pursue an 18 year old in the most not creepy way as he attempts to "free" himself from the shackles of his current life. It's exactly cringey, if not more, than you expect. Many "no's" were screamed at the screen.

Reviewed by itsabadmoviebruh 1 / 10

Not worth the time

The premise (middle-aged man has a 'sci-fi' reason to get in a relationship with a teenager) was gross. The movie was incredibly predictable, charmless, and forgettable.

If you want a sci-fi movie, there's so many better ones out there. The only sci-fi aspect to this was in creating a flimsy excuse for the creepy relationship to happen. It wasn't explored at all beyond that. If you want a romance, this is such an uncomfortable choice. A 'maybe Lolita would be more your speed' kind of choice. And if you want a comedy, just... watch anything else. This movie was painfully flat and took itself seriously, which was pretentious at best, given how little substance there was.

It's a waste of time.

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