The Transformers: The Movie


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 58%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 36728


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Judd Nelson as Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime
Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron
Orson Welles as Unicron
Frank Welker as Megatron / Soundwave / Rumble / Frenzy / Laserbeak / Ravage / Wheelie / Auto-combatant / Junkion
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Drake_Clawfang 9 / 10

Transformers the Movie

An awesome soundtrack and a cool plot, complete with new villains and heroes, Transformers the Movie will delight any fan. Fans of the cartoon will be sad to learn that Optimus Prime and Megatron both 'die'. But both won't stay down for long, as there are two sequels, in one of which Optimus Prime returns. Megatron is also rebuilt as Galvatron by the new villain, Unicron, a gigantic planet-sized Transformer.

There are several new things we meet. The Decepticons have taken over Cybertron, but the Autobots plot from Autobot City on Earth, and two secret moon bases, to retake the planet. An early attack on Autobot City leads to the final battle in which Prime fights past the bulk of the Decepticons to Megatron. Megatron 'wins', but Prime gets in his hits and leave Megatron barely alive. The Decepticons retreat, and Prime is taken for care.

Prime then tells of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, a new item most fans have probably never heard of. With his last breaths, he passes the Matrix to the new leader, Ultra Magnus, and tells him the the Matrix shall one day light the Autobot's darkest hour.

Meanwhile on a shuttle back to Cybertron, the shuttle Astrotrain is too weak to complete the trip. Cargo is jettisoned, and the Decepticons loyal to Megatron are thrown into space, along with Megatron himself who still clings to life.

They are found by Unicron, the main villain. Unicron offers Megatron a new life in exchange for loyalty and the destruction of the Matrix of Leadership, the only thing Unicron fears. Megatron, faced with death as the alternative, bitterly accepts. Unicron then turns him into Galvatron, and his other minions into Galvatron's warriors. Blessed with a new body, name, and ship, Galvatron heads for Cybertron. Interrupting the coronation of Starscream as the new leader, Galvatron kills him with one shot. The Decepticons swear loyalty.

Unicron devours (yes, he EATS) the two Autobot moon bases. An outraged Galvatron whines that Cybertron and its moons belong to him. But then Galvatron gets the bad end of Unicron's deal: should Galvatron disobey him, Unicron can cause him pain. Unable to rebel, Galvatron leads the Decepticons to Earth to complete his mission.

The Autobots are rebuilding their city when Galvatron attacks. They flee to the shuttles. One shuttle with Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots crashes on the planet of the Quintessons. The other crashes on the planet Junk. Galvatron follows and confronts Ultra Magnus. Killing him, Galvatron claim the Matrix, claiming that with it, he can command Unicron instead of the other way around. Unicron is naturally livid, roaring out into the depths of space.

On the Quintessons' planet, Hot Rod and Kup are captured by the Quintessons, who play a bigger role in the grand scheme of things then this movie shows (we later find out they created all Transformers, and are the vanguards of Unicron). The Dinobots break in and rescue them. With a new mini-Transformer named Wheelie on their side, they escape.

The Autobots mourn for Ultra Magnus when a whole bunch of Junk Transformers rise from the rubble (as it's name should imply, the Junk planet is a giant trash yard of scrap metal). After a chase, the shuttle with Hot Rob and the others land. Peace is negotiated (along with some freaky dancing), and the Junkions rebuild Ultra Magnus- complete with 90 day warranty! (all Junkions quote television.) Also unearthing their own shuttle, the Junkions and the Autobots blast off for Cybertron.

Galvatron confronts Unicron, and yells that Unicron will obey him or die. But upon attempting to use the Matrix, Galvatron cannot. Even more angry, Unicron transforms to a winged human-like robot with fists the size of moons. He then decides his choice to spare Cybertron was incorrect, and attacks the planet. The Decepticons fight back. Galvatron tries to rebel again, but Unicron promptly eats him.

The Autobots crash into Unicron's eyes and try to destroy him. While they fight off his inner defenses, Hot Rod falls into a pit. He finds Galvatron, who appears passive. But with an order and another jolt of pain from Unicron, he attacks Hot Rod. Overpowering him and almost killing him, Galvatron gloats about how easy it is to kill Autobots. Hot Rod grab the Matrix around Galvatron's neck, and transforms to Rodimus Prime. He throws Galvatron into space and uses the Matrix to destroy Unicron. As the Autobots escape, Unicron explodes, his head flying away from the debris. With the Decepticons weakened, the Autobots easily retake Cybertron.

However, there are, as mentioned, sequels. Galvatron lives, and orbiting Cybertron is the disembodied head of Unicron. Also, it appears Starscream has a ghost, and Optimus Prime may live again. 'The Return of Optimus Prime' and 'Fives Faces of Darkness' round out an excellent trilogy. But even on its own, this movie is excellent.

Reviewed by John Brooks 10 / 10

A testament to the pop culture greatness of the 80's/90's

In hindsight that's the most significant comment I could make about this movie. If you compare Transformers the Movie (1986) to the Transformers films they made from the mid 2000's and onward, you've got it all laid on a silver platter for you: the difference between the 80's/90's golden age period and the sort of bland disposable pop culture that is the bread and butter of today's world.

Transformers the Movie wasn't just a cult series cartoon turned into a full-length film. It had a number of things that made it totally distinct and memorable, which couldn't be said about the later iterations on the silver screen. It had a monumental soundtrack with Vince Dicola and his superb atmospheric 80's prog-metal composition, it had superb style visually with a very realistic plain thick color filter with incredible detail. It had some of the most bad-ass memorable scenes from any film of that era, a good 6 or 7 scenes are absolute hair-raisers. It had an engaging powerful plot at the center of it, with a great moral (the Matrix) and a powerful grave, epic tone to it that made what was a mere cartoon into a realistic experience. Add a little bit of cheesy but likable humor to give characters depth... also it introduced some very creative characters like the Sharkticons and Quintessons or the Junkions, not to mention Unicron that helped forge a most unique, distinct universe for the film.

Transformers the Movie was an experience that nobody will ever get to enjoy again. It had all the wonder and spirit and inventiveness and pop-culture genius of the 80's where everything that comes out today is political formulaic and disposable imagery.

Reviewed by dprkforum 9 / 10

Many Feels, Many Memories

I was, and still am, a Transformers fan. With that out of the way, the bias is going to show.

I was so excited and stoked for this movie when the teasers started to appear in the newspapers and TV. A full-length motion picture of my favorite toys. I was very attached to the characters from the comic books and TV show. Little did I know how the movie was going to turn for said characters. It was unexpected and extremely emotional for me. I heard others in the theater openly crying in certain parts.

Yes, this was probably made to promote the new line of toys that were being released, and needed new story lines for them. The movie... well, it was epic. The battle between good and evil. The struggles of loss. Meeting new friends. Facing new enemies. It opened new vistas, and even some glimmer of hope. The story was well-written, and will cure the itch for any G1 fan.

The animation is a tad dated, but this was made over 30 years ago, so considering the age, it is not that bad. I watched it again after twenty odd years later, and it still hit the feels.

My childhood revisited. Although not the best of times, but things like this made them a little happier.

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