The Traveller

1979 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 6.4 10 251

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Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8 / 10

Devilish performance by Paul Naschy.

Paul Naschy plays The Devil in human form,who walks among morally corrupt mankind.He destroys lives of all people with whom he met.Naschy uses temptation and mischief to achieve as much sexual pleasure and money as he can.His loyal acolyte is named Tomas."El Caminante" was written and directed by Paul Naschy himself.The film plays more like black comedy and morality tale than horror movie.It's loaded with sleazy nudity and moral decay.Lying,cheating,stealing and manipulating.Everything is permitted to obtain money and sexual pleasure.There is truly disturbing footage from Second World War when Tomas has a vision of the future.The acting of Pauly Naschy is excellent and the film is rich in atmosphere.8 amoral vices out of 10.

Reviewed by liodavix 9 / 10


The walker is undoubtedly a very peculiar and personal film within the filmography of Paul Naschy, Jacinto Molina, as here appears accredited.

And personal because the already mythical actor reflects his obsessions and personal tastes for marginal characters, fantastic elements, metaphysical reflections and eroticism.

Set like another of his best Inquisition films, in the Spanish Golden Age, Naschy shows us the adventures of a despicable and rude vagabond, a traveler whose lack of scruples make him a true devil on earth. Said demon in turn will take a young apprentice who will be responsible for transmitting all their malevolent wisdom while walking the roads of the Castilian lands leaving its sad and sinister wake.

The film has a magnificent rhythm accompanied by a very accurate photograph of Ulloa. Naschy manages to transmit all the force and evil energy that distills his character through the entire film with a more than acceptable performance.

There are also plenty of nudes and risqué scenes so typical of this director, although it must be understood that in that Spain just outside the dictatorship there was a great demand from the public to enjoy female nudes.

It is a deep, unhealthy, coarse and reflective film about human nature, how men create their own hell in paradise and how man and the devil walk together on earth in a circle of endless sin.

Highly recommended

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 9 / 10

Great entry point for non Naschy fans

I'm not a massive Paul Naschy fan, he is enthusiastic and has produced numerous and fairly varied films, always on the edge but equally always with limited budgets which sometimes shows more than one would wish. But here's a surprise, one I'd never even heard of and its great! Bawdy, blasphemous, cynical and funny, it is also very well constructed, with decent dialogue and persuasive performances. Basically, our director plays the lead (of course) and represents the devil on earth giving himself a break from his normal duties and getting his hands dirty closer to the action, as you might say. Some scenes are more cruel than others but none of it is very nice, as you might expect, if the very devil himself, is leading the way. Lots of deceived ladies and robbed dignitaries and much fun along the way. Naschy has a glint in his eye throughout and when the most terrible (or best) bits are about to unfold, his face glows devil red. Really! Great entry point for non Naschy fans, an absolute must for existing fans and generally good, bad taste fun for all.

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