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Justin Salinger as DSI Julian Gregory
Chris Larkin as Chris Sear
Stuart Milligan as Senator James Inhofe
Adrian Edmondson as Edward Acton
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Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 7 / 10

An interesting story, pretty well told.

It's a truly fascinating story, the outcomes of what happened could quite literally have changed how the world thinks and acts.

A somewhat strange choice of material for a drama, but it made a change from cop shows, and it was nice to only have to invest 90 minutes of time in a one off drama, and not the usual six weeks.

I found it a little slow, half baked perhaps the right term, it was well acted for sure, nicely produced, but I don't think they made full use of the material, until the last fifteen minutes or so.

The impacts could have been incalculable, they were hardly mentioned.

As mentioned though the acting was great, Watkins and Hamilton never disappoint.

Worth watching, but be aware it's not the usual pulse racing drama that's generally on, 7/10.

Reviewed by julianrosser-440-787839 6 / 10

Melodramatic account of a shameful event

Whilst this a based on fact it is very poorly done imo. Jason Watkins' portrayal of Phil Jones as a tongue-tied academic is overdone and becomes the central theme which is rather tedious.

The film is interesting in showing how poorly he was treated (much like his portrayal of Christopher Jefferies) but that's not enough to make this the production it should have been. Supporting cast are good but there's not much they could do with this script I'm afraid.

Reviewed by nickredstar 8 / 10

Decent film.

Decent film. Decent acting. Decent script. Decent direction. To reviewer blowmetwotimes, keep burying your head in the sand there's a good lad. Toodle pip!

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