The Tunnel


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 18890

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Luke Arnold as Jim 'Tangles' Williams
Goran D. Kleut as Stalker
Peter McAllum as Government Minister
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lurch-jones 4 / 10

Clichéd disappointment

Had high hopes for this, however, just another derivative docu/lost tapes horror film. The setting was interesting and the initial build up was different and engaging enough to maintain ones attention. The female lead was weak, and incredibly annoying once the running/screaming began. I liked the breaks to interview; Steve the cameraman was quite plausible though wont get any awards for his performance. The "secret" in the tunnels was quite scary though I was left wanting to see more of it. As for the ending, well talk about running out of ideas. I know we can't expect explanations from film makers but I kept saying to myself, "it can't end here surely." And it did!! Disappointment.

Reviewed by Kurt Smillie 7 / 10

Great Film! Indie horror at its best!

Carlo Ledesma's "The Tunnel" is a first class example that all you need to for some great horror is some awesome camera-work and an even better script. Too many movies rely on huge million dollar budgets and first class-CGI and come up relatively short of being great or even good movies in some respects.

Natasha ( Bel Delia ) is a reporter that is working on a story that she feels is going to be make her career. We're introduced to Natasha's crew early on with Peter ( Andy Rodoreda ) seemingly in a constant power struggle with Natasha. Tangles ( Luke Arnold ) and Steve ( Steve Davis ) are the goofs on the crew and make up the rest of the party venturing into the tunnel. Australia is going through a water crisis and the government comes up with a plan to tap into the huge reservoirs that are trapped in Sydneys' underground tunnel system. Natasha senses that it could be displacing the homeless that use the tunnels as an escape from the city that has forgotten about them. Sound like a setting for a great horror film? You're not wrong. Eventually Natasha and her film crew start to uncover a much bigger story. It seems that the homeless that use the tunnels are starting to disappear and no- one knows where or really seems too care. The government seems to be turning a blind eye and no one is allowed near the reservoirs as Natasha finds out the hard way when her contacts turn her down. Eventually when they get into the tunnels, they find out the hard way that some stones are better left unturned.

Without giving too much away, the "creature" is shown sparingly and more of the terror and horror come from the limited light sources and the viewers' imaginations. My friends and I still have arguments to this day as to what exactly was hiding in the tunnels as the shots are somewhat vague, but extremely effective. The movie starts off on a slow burn, setting up the events that ultimately lead to a life or death struggle down in the tunnels.

The Tunnel is a movie that is best viewed with an open mind and a couple friends. Classic indie horror at it's best, it's also proof of the quality of horror movies that Australia has been churning out in the last few years. Although not as famous as "The loved ones" or "Storage" , This movie is a prime example that not all scary things come with a million dollar price tag.

One of my all time indie favourites... Watch this movie and you'll be looking over your shoulder every time you venture into a concrete tunnel in the park alone.


Stay scared friends.

Kurt Smillie.

Reviewed by Lemon Fist 5 / 10


First I'm not a big fan of found-footage so I didn't expect anything from this movie. The first 30 minutes are really boring, the film takes too much time to setup the background and develop its characters, which is quite poorly done because I didn't felt any empathy for anyone. The ambient and the acting are not especially good and there is almost no music. The scenes are interspersed with interviews that, in my opinion, break the rhythm and bring (for the most part) nothing to the movie, the characters are just explaining what's happening, I mean every single thing, wich is not necessary and quite bothering. In addition, these interviews show you the crew after the events, so you can deduce who's gonna' survive and who's gonna' die. Talking about that, I found the film highly predictable, you can easily guess when a jump scare is coming. There are maybe a few scenes that are actually well done, I think about a scene in night vision with the creature in the water, slowly approaching with his eyes glowing, without making any noise. That was cool and well done. The rest is mostly made of jump scares, shaky cam, black screens, and sh**** angles.(ok maybe i'm overreacting)

In conclusion I'd say that it's not a great movie but it's not so bad. The budget is not consistent and the plot is not amazing, yet the film remains a little entertaining (for the second half at least) and doesn't fall into ridiculus. The creature is creepy and the tunnels are dark and oppressing, a few beautiful shots on the railroad, and a few creepy scenes.

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