The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan


Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 835

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Lindsay Wagner as Jennie Logan
Gloria Stuart as Lady Sitting at Cemetery
Marc Singer as David Reynolds
Linda Gray as Elizabeth Harrington
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ozarkmyst 10 / 10

One of my absolute favorites

I only wish I had taped it on VHS and would love to find it on VHS or DVD. I think this was a film that has been overlooked by many. Time-traveling romance just can't been done enough. If you liked Somewhere in Time or Kate and Leopold you will love this movie, IF you can find a copy of it that is. Heaven forbid they would rerun it on TV, like that will ever happen, right?

Reviewed by sonyareyna11 8 / 10

Time Travel Love Story

When Jennie Logan and her husband move to the country, they acquire a Victorian house with a mysterious past. Jennie's unfaithful husband desperately wants a fresh start and tries to rebuild their marriage. Jennie, played by Lindsay Wagner finds a beautiful dress in the attic from the turn of the century. She repairs the small tear on the shoulder and puts it on, taking her to the year 1899. Soon Jennie realizes every time she wears the dress, she experiences a physical reaction and it transports her to the past. She meets David Reynolds, an artist and widower who to her surprise, occupies the same house where she now lives. The haunting soundtrack by Glenn Paxton is perfect as Jennie goes back and forth between two worlds. She explains her episodes to her husband who thinks she is having delusions and is punishing him for his infidelity. At first, even Jennie questions her mental state and sees a psychiatrist. But As Jennie travels more frequently to the past, she discovers she is falling in love with David. She also learns that David's father-in-law blames him for his daughter's death and threatens to kill him. To thicken the plot, David's sister-in-law played by Linda Gray is in love with him and can't seem to stay away. Jennie learns of the history of the house and of a duel between David and his father-in- law that took place at the turn of the century celebration. Can Jennie rewrite history and save him? I first saw "The two Worlds of Jennie Logan" on television when it was released in 1979 and it left an incredible impression as it was one of the first films to address the theme of time travel. This film made for television based on David L. Williams' novel "Second Sight" is a wonderful love story that still holds up today.

Reviewed by candlemansa 7 / 10

an enchanting movie that keeps you watching till the end

Time travel movies can often be confusing the trick I believe is to try and keep it as simple as possible. In the Two worlds of Jennie Logan they keep the time travel aspect tightly bound in the confines of a love story. The beautiful Lindsay Wagner headlines a cast that includes V's Marc Singer and Dallas Linda Gray. After her husbands infidelity Jennie Logan believes an escape to the country is what they need to get their marriage back on track. They buy an old house that she instantly falls in love with. While exploring she uncovers a dress in the attic. Getting the dress resized she tries it on and discovers she is transported back into the past. There she meets David Reynolds a man she realizes will be killed very shortly. Unable to resist her attraction to him the two embark on an affair prompting Jennie to try and uncover in the present what happened to him to see if she can prevent it. Not unlike Hallmarks The love Letter with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Sandra Bullocks The Lake House this is an engaging movie that is crying out to be remade and lenghtened. Then however it wouldn't have Lindsay Wagner in it and she makes the movie. I do think it is a shame this is not yet available on DVD when so many low budget crap movies are.

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