The Unknown Terror


Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 5 10 245

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Paul Richards as Peter Morgan
May Wynn as Concha Ramsey
John Howard as Dan Matthews
Mala Powers as Gina Matthews
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 5 / 10

Attack of the Killer Soap Suds

It's the old genre. Some guy has gotten himself trapped in some horrible caves in South America. His sister sets up an expedition to find him. They go to the Cave of Death. But there is an American doctor playing God who is in the way. He knows the superstitions of the native population. He is evil. Hs is also an expert at fungus. His experiments have led to a horrible mess in the caves that threatens the world. Off go the rescuers but they end up facing a group of mutants and an unending explosion of fungus. Actually, it looks like someone went crazy with giant bottle of dishwashing soap. This stuff absorbs human tissue. One problem is that the people are able to understand what they are facing, even though they shouldn't. It is a fight for survival with some scenes of bravery. An OK B-movie. Lots of overacting.

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 5 / 10

The Attack of the Killer Soap Suds

It's the old "rescue my stupid brother who went somewhere he shouldn't have" bit. His sister sets up a rescue effort to bring him back from a South American cave. Of course, we know we're in trouble when we find that the cave is called "The Cave of Death." So off they go. The natives are a bunch of primitives. They are embraced by an evil doctor who has been messing around with a fungus that is taking over, not just the area but the entire world. The down side is that the fungus looks like dish washing detergent on steroids. How do you keep soap suds from dissolving you.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10

The only horror movie with a calypso soundtrack!

If hearing the rhythmic calypso music at the beginning of the movie gets your fingers snapping and your feet tapping, you just might miss the meaning behind the words. The small town Mexican setting may seem romantic and exotic, but there's horror inside the caves where an explorer (Charles Gray) disappeared, causing his sister (Mala Powers) to arrive to search for him. She finds help with the handsome John Howard who blames himself for her brother's disappearance. The natives become restless, are stirred up, storms brew, and horrific things begin to occur. Slow-moving and talky, this starts off as more psychological than downright horror, but when the cave is explored, the real terror starts, and the mystery of what is beyond those cave openings is really a metaphor of all of our human fears of the unknown. It also reminds us of the customs of those outside our own world and the fact that not all secrets are meant to be known. Decently acted but slowly plotted, this does increase in tension as the film moves along, but it takes a long time in getting there. I didn't quite love it or hate it, and unlike other horror/science fiction movies of the time, I couldn't find anything really to attack. My only complaint really is that it took a long time for me to really get into the film, and I too found myself snapping my fingers and tapping my feet when I heard that delightful music at the start. When the horror does strike, it's truly like a bat arriving out of hell, and you really don't expect it. That's what makes for good horror.

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