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Reviewed by bob_meg 10 / 10

Quietly powerful, possibly the most humane 9/11 doc ever made

Anyone who has done research into 9/11 knows the facts. If you don't, check out David Ray Griffin or Paul Thompson's work. Or a number of other legitimate homemade docs on YouTube with enough undeniability to make any thinking person pause.

The Unspeakable, however, which borrows its title from James Douglass, another famous debunker, doesn't go down the usual rabbit holes, replaying the same footage, or espousing theories that might seem very wild to those who know little about 9/11. Hard to believe, yes, but ask someone under the age of 18 - such people exist. And not many older people are even curious. This is partly why 9/11 is so glossed over, in general, and it's where many of the lesser, more sensational, docs fail by limiting their audience to the people who can spout page numbers in the Commission Report to you.

Instead, Unspeakable -- which is shot and edited on a par with any A grade theatrical doc -- takes the unorthodox route and focuses primarily on the many brave families of the victims interviewed here and their very touching, genuinely real quests for truth and justice.

Once their unadorned testimonies are heard, the alternate theories to what was reported on that horrible day are introduced with just enough grace to make you want to know more. It doesn't force feed you or hand-hold you. It does what the really powerful, really good documentaries do... it shows you real life, and real death, and then leaves the next steps up to you.

It's impossible to overstate how well made this film is. It will move you, no matter what you know or what you don't.

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