The Unthinkable

2018 [SWEDISH]

Action / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 6638

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevinhaddow 6 / 10

Not bad, spoiled by a Alex.

Well made, some excellent set pieces but maybe too slow paced for some. The thing that really spoiled it though is Alex, the main character. He's a hateful, spiteful, self centered person and I spent most of the film hoping he'd be shot next. For example he refuses to allow a mother to rescue her child because he's in love with her, disconnects a radio when he finds out her husband is alive and then doesn't tell her he's alive, doesn't tell his father about his mother's funeral. He's a thoroughly unpleasant character so you feel no sympathy towards him. That's one of the main issues, we're supposed to empathise with the main star, even to a degree, but with Alex I ended up hating him.

Reviewed by Jonassi 2 / 10

Wait... what?

This must be the movie with the most "Wait... what?" moments that I have ever seen. Having followed the crowd funding campaign, viewed every behind the scenes clips and probably watched the trailer about 20 times (shivering with excitement and anticipation every time), I had really high hopes for this flick. When rave reviews later were starting to pour in, of course I had to go see it when it finally premiered!

In Sweden, we're not particularly spoiled with high quality movie productions. And in many ways this is a technical masterpiece, no doubt. There were numerous very realistic crashes, explosions and the overall CGI was great. The photography was stunning, from time to time, as was the soundtrack/sound design).

However... It. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense. Whatsoever! The movie tries so hard to mix action with a bad attempt of a love story and at the same time tries to tell a story about a troubled kid growing up. What were they on when they wrote the script?

What I don't like: 1) The characters are unlikable and completely unbelievable. 2) The dialogue is laughable and makes you shudder in discomfort. (I'm sorry, fellow movie goers, that I laughed out loud where I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to...) 3) The strategies of the military, both the defense and the attackers are highly questionable, at best. 4) The editing... Just wow... won't even go there...

I don't really know where to start to try to explain the plot, but it boils down to something going down in Sweden. A goofball dad, who is the caretaker of an underground electrical hub, seems to be the only one knowing that something bad is happening. He skillfully predicts the enemies' moves and start building some steampunk weapons to defend the bunker. Meanwhile, the military stands completely oblivious, and are somehow quickly decimated into 5 remaining people in a bunker (they soon start shooting at each other(!) though, leaving only three...). The main character, who happens to be the son of the goofball caretaker, tries hard to fix stuff but ends up being nothing more than a complete idiot the whole movie through, and would gain from someone giving him a couple of "Get ahold of yourself!"-cuffs to make him come to his senses. In the end, when it suddenly stops, we see the face of... Putin(!) Come on guys, really!!?

I love that the Crazy Pictures collective came through with this crowd funded flick and have become a name in the international movie world. They totally deserve it, and therefore I honor them with 2 points for being technical genies. With this movie though, they try so hard (it's almost as if they had 25 writers) with being everything, that it ends up being just a Crazy Picture.

Can't wait for the american version!

Reviewed by nickboldrini 7 / 10

Confused but intriguing

This is a bit of a mixed genre film, part romance, part action thriller, and both parts are done well, and work ok togethor. But there is a feeling if it had picked one or the other, and gone for it, the result might have been better. The acting is good, the set piece action is well done, but the script is a bit all over the place. Intriguing, and worth a watch, but it doesn't completely work.

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