The Unwonted Sasquatch - Director's Cut


Documentary / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rdj-sd 9 / 10

A fair take on an iffy topic

Ever wonder about the truth behind the bigfoot phenomenon but are you tired of hearing how sasquatches travel inter-dimensionally inside UFO's? This film offers a refreshing view on the sasquatch mystery by taking us to the place where the word "sasquatch" originated - the Harrison Lake area in the Lower Mainland of BC. There we meet Bill Miller, Tom Steenburg and John Green (in his last ever film appearance)and the best evidence is examined. The film also draws upon the academic power of Jeff Meldrum and the late Grover Krantz, both professors in the fields of anatomy and physical anthropology. Footprints are shown to be a telling type of evidence and the famous 1967 Patterson Gimlin film from Bluff Creek, California is re- examined closely. The evidence is given new life when Miller and Meldrum both show how hard even impossible it would be to fake a flexible foot track and a heavily muscled body with disproportionately long arms and unique, compliant gait, as recorded in the famous 1967 film. Goes places where other documentaries didn't, keeps things honest. The best documentary since "Sasquatch - Legend Meets Science" and "Bigfoot's Reflection" but does an arguably better job of wheeling out the evidence and showing its validity using very knowledgeable researchers.

Reviewed by eskrigian 8 / 10

Guilty pleasure

This was a fun watch.I didn't expect to actually make it thru the whole film... how much more is there to say about Big Foot -- but I couldn't turn it off. The sub-par production value actually contributed to the whole viewing experience for me. it almost felt like a found footage experiment. There's a pretty in depth examination of the dated Patterson film - which I found fascinating - and meshed well with the faulty sound and hand-held camera. I enjoyed it. a good way to spend a winter weekend.

Reviewed by thejhorton 7 / 10

Sasquatch is where it's at!

Fun view. Lots of good informations. Makes a good intro into the subject.

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