The Vampire's Ghost



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Grant Withers as Father Gilchrist
John Abbott as Webb Fallon
Adele Mara as Lisa
Peg Stewart as Julie Vance
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 5 / 10

Not as good as I'd hoped.

This is an unusual little B-movie from Republic Studios. It's unusual because this studio was never known for producing horror movies--it's more like what you'd expect from Universal or Columbia. In addition, it stars a guy who usually is a bit or supporting actor, the very erudite John Abbott--who I have always liked but a man whose name few would probably remember today. I remember him because I am weird about things like that and love looking for familiar supporting actors in films. It's nice to see him get a chance her to helm a film. The film also is pretty odd because you'd not normally expect a vampire film to be set in Africa! As for the overall film, I was a bit surprised. While I love classic monster movies, this was one that had little impact on me as I watched. It was neither bad nor good--sort of like the white bread of the monster world. I think the biggest problem was that the film was very talky and lacked action--and really needed an infusion of energy.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 5 / 10

Moody drum beats throw off the rhythm of horror.

I found that this barely had a plot containable to reveal in a synopsis, only a discovery of evil and the conflict of the light versus the darkness. It's the story of a white man sucking the blood out of Africa and being discovered, perhaps a metaphor for slavery and oppression. John Abbott basically spends an hour calling for his desired bride, attaching only for survival, and the ultimate discovery of who is committing all the murders in this mostly native, uncivilized area of the African wilds. Mixing voodoo, superstition and an eerie atmosphere, this is no comparison to the quality of the equally dark themed Val Lewton films made at RKO. The low budget is extremely obvious, and the rushing together of a slight plot makes this almost instantly forgettable, saved by some moody photography, slightly campy dialog and a suspenseful finale that seems like that's where the only effort was made in the writing. It's a shame, otherwise, for a chlostrophobic feel that would be totally overwhelming on a big screen.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10

Mosquitos aren't the only bloodsuckers in this jungle.

This largely forgotten mid-'40s B-movie combines the then popular jungle adventure genre with the vampire flick to tell its tale of a bloodsucker in Bakunda. Bodies have been turning up in the African town with puncture wounds in the neck and partially drained of blood. The superstitious natives fear a that a vampire is responsible, but the local bwanas are sceptical. Guess who is right...

While the jungle location helps to set The Vampire's Ghost apart from its gothic contemporaries, it is John Abbott as ancient world weary vamp Webb Fallon that makes this film refreshingly different. This is not your typical cape swishing, pale-faced creature of the night: Fallon is quite affable, and clearly tired of his eternal life, but cannot resist his urge to destroy happiness for others, in this case the relationship between plantation manager Roy Hendrick (Charles Gordon) and his fiancé Julie Vance (Peggy Stewart). Fallon also manages to wander around in the daylight, just so long as he has his sunglasses on, and is never seen with his fangs on display. All of this makes a nice change from the familiar Bela Lugosi-style vampire in a creepy castle schtick of many a '40s horror.

Also making this film very easy to digest is Adele Mara as sexy dancer Lisa, who works in Fallon's bar and who eventually falls prey to the vamp. Lisa is drop dead gorgeous, and one wonders why Fallon is so keen to spend eternity with Julie when he has a far tastier option on his very doorstep. I guess it comes back to the whole need for him to destroy a happy relationship, but seriously.... Lisa... total hottie and very flexible to boot!

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.

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