The Velvet Underground



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darren-153-890810 8 / 10

Be brave be bold and don't follow the crowd

Forget what old Grumbleweed said in his review. This movie sounds great and looks great. Granted, it's not perfect but with limited footage available it's def the best VU doc out there.

I saw it at the Royal Festival hall, the songs sounded incredible

I'm not sure why Grumbleweed is being so negative. I'm a massive fan and have read all the books too. John Cale did talk about John Cage quite a bit, Lou talked about the bands he was into to. I would like more on Nico if I'm honest.

I guess if you're a casual fan you'll dig it. If you're hardcore you may be disappointed. For me I was just glad to hear those songs loud with images

Go see it. You won't be disappointed

For the record. I'm a PowerPoint Designer. That would have taken some work to produce a presentation like that.

Reviewed by fry-26539 1 / 10

A Powerpoint Documentary

I would never thought the so-claimed "Andy Warhol film style" simply means using tons of actual Warhol's video martial in the film.

There's nothing original or creative in this documentary. For the fans, it didn't provide anything new about the band. For the general audience, it didn't make any of the characters or stories memorable. If you don't know Lou Reed or John Cale or Nico or anyone from the band before, you will find that you still don't know them after watching it.

The language of the film is basically a college student powerpoint style, which now showed often in Netflix, Amazon and HBO documentaries. It introduced the timeline with related images and narrative interviews soundtrack, and it went as plain as you can possibly imagine. No analysis of the music style and unique characteristics of their albums. No historic trace of their cultural influence. No exploration of the members' personality or their relationships. Everyone just "wandered in and wandered away".

I personally don't understand why it deserves to be put on the big screen, not to mention a film festival.

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