The Velveteen Rabbit

2009 [RUSSIAN]

Animation / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 729

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Wendee Lee as Additional Voice
Steven Crowder as Baseball Boy #1
Tom Skerritt as Horse

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by invisibleunicornninja 4 / 10


I remember we had to watch this at school a couple of times. Its really boring and I wouldn't recommend it.

Reviewed by alainsane-1 1 / 10

A senseless movie to be avoided by the sensible.

Movies like this steaming pile of rabbit droppings make me sad that money gets wasted on their production (and viewing) instead of just given away to the indigent. The story is wretched. The characters morph without apparent justification from one bad stereotype to another. Their actions are equally senseless. For example, the boy--who seems afflicted with dissociative identity disorder--fritters his time interacting with animals he only just met instead of dreaming up scenes with his missing mother and father.

While I hadn't read the book before, I did so afterwards (incredulous that this movie represented what the famous book was about), and I found that a charming story about love, faith, and the nature of reality had been perverted into something so treacly and cloying that they bore almost no resemblance to each other.

There are SO many better ways to spend one's time and money.

Reviewed by itisbygrace 9 / 10

Disregard other reviews. This is a great family film.

I enjoyed this with my 3 youngest children (4,7,10). We all thought this was a great film.

I liked how they intertwined real and cartoon in the movie. Speaking of cartoon, even though about half the film was in cartoon format, I did not loose interest in the film like I do with cartoons.

Great story, wonderful acting, beautiful surroundings, touching message (I saw my 7 yr. old boy crying, had a tear myself, and my 4 yr. old told me "a drop came from my eye"), and a reminder to all of us to remember to use our imagination with our young ones.

Nothing to complain about as far as inappropriate content for children.

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