The Virus


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.7 10 134

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William McNamara as Luke Mezrich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

Nobody lives forever

The film opens with a lengthy explanatory monotone about a truth serum virus that mutates and must be contained...or else people act out their "Impulse" 1984-Meg Tilly-a film theme that has become recently popular. A college professor (William McNamara) notices the same cloud cover over a place that was there years ago (Is there an app that checks that?) He thinks something is being hidden there and it is not Dick Cheney's house. The crew goes to the remote access location by foot....okay you fill in blanks.

I felt the monologue explanation should have been left out. What happened is explained within the film and a little mystery is good. This one didn't have it, and they could of had it. The acting and dialogue are on par with low budget productions. The truth serum aspect was not as good as "Liar, Liar." They needed a funny guy in the group.

No swearing or nudity. Brief sex scene.

Reviewed by AndyVanScoyoc 3 / 10

Maybe wanted to be a good movie. Fell WAY short...

I was going to review this film for my YouTube channel, From Zen to Zombies, but being as it's not worth doing so, I think I'll just stick to warning everyone, on here.

Want the truth? This movie is about telling the truth and believe me, the truth of this abysmal time waster is NOT pretty.

Going by the title The Virus on Amazon Prime, just a change in title from one platform to another is enough to turn most people off, but, in case someone is as diligent as I am and insists on tracking down this train wreck of a film, here's why you shouldn't waste your time.

BAD acting. One of the actors was so stiff and unrealistic, you could have taken him surfing, all but a couple of the others were just awful.

I'm not sure whether the film got better or worse once William McNamara was killed off.

I realize this is an Indie film and not MGM...but...dang.

Great plot line...stupid story...badly, badly executed.

Add the terrible acting to an already confusing and hole ridden landscape or a film and you've got one heck of a time wasting disaster.

The only cool thing about this movie was the old hospital, which looked like an abandoned school out in the middle of nowhere.

No matter what title you find this film under, when you do find it...unfind it.

You'll be much happier not watching it and just leaving it at that.

Trust me...

Reviewed by jhr2012 1 / 10

What's the word I'm looking for?

Crap. That's it. This movie is garbage. I found it on Tubi under the title The Virus. Very confusing and hard to follow. Skip this one.

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