The Visitors: Bastille Day

2016 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 3882

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Götz Otto as Colonel Wurtz
Christian Clavier as Jacquouille / Jacquouillet / Edmond Jacquart
Jean Reno as Godefroy le Hardi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Emmanuel010767 7 / 10

Good film in French language

I've seen it with my daughter 12 April 2016 in a little country's cinema with no publicity (cool). (In France) What could we expect more than what we've seen ? Nothing, so that's a good film. We laughed all along the film. It's a comic film ! Story is good, actors play well. Frank Dubosc is very good as usual. Music is the same as the 1st film (Era). Colors and garments are beautiful. It's a well made film, it lasts 120 min, and it's not long. I don't know what it could be if traduced in other languages ? In fact, there are lots of jokes on the older french language. I hope the 4th film should be soon, in 1942 during WWII in France in Montmirail's castle ! We've seen the 4 films (add the version for USA, Visiteurs in America). So 7/10, no more, no less. I read the critics and i think they're cruel. Sincerely Emmanuel (from France)

Reviewed by salviolog 7 / 10

It's all right for a sequel that came out two decades too late.

Look, what did you expect? Les Visiteurs (1993) is one of the most successful, funniest French films of the 20th century, it couldn't be topped with a sequel, especially if it's part 3, 25 years later. At least it:

a) Stayed loyal to the timeline, giving us some closure on what happened after the end credits of the second movie; b) Brought something new to the mix; c) Some jokes were actually pretty funny;

It probably could have been done better if done with younger, more energetic actors, but then all the "familiar faces" gags go to crap, unless the movie's gonna spend a good portion of it establishing new actors in the roles of familiar characters.

It ended on another great chapter in French history, an interesting crossover, and it's fun to speculate what would happen to Godefroy and Jacquouille next.

All in all, I'm glad they made something with that cliffhanger they left us with back in 1998. They didn't mess it up too hard, it's part 3 for god's sake, for a part 3 it's ok.

Reviewed by Bored_Dragon 4 / 10

Not funny at all

Eighteen years after "The Visitors II" left us with the cliffhanger, the third film comes as a total disappointment. The story is a direct continuation of "The Corridors of Time" and it's well conceived and written, but the film is not at all funny, and it seems to me that it's not even trying to be. By itself, it might be able to pass with a six, but after the previous two, this is totally lame and it would be better for the franchise if they didn't make it at all.


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