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Action / Comedy / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 74%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 51439


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Gemma Arterton as Fiona
Ryan Reynolds as Jerry / Mr. Whiskers
Sam Spruell as Dave
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sforrester-3 8 / 10

I liked it.

I wasn't expecting a great deal from this but was pleasantly surprised. I do like Ryan Reynolds and I think he played this perfectly, giving the slightly comedic element whilst still portraying someone suffering from extreme mental health problems. Showing us the difference between the medicated and unmedicated character was well done and although there were one or two points I would question, overall the balance was handled well. I liked that the character had a well thought out back story and his desire to be "normal" as well as the torture that he couldn't be really came across. I would give this one a go if you enjoy quirky films with a bit of an edge.

Reviewed by Unluckymagpie 8 / 10

An underrated film with a strong performance from Reynolds.

A truly underrated film. It has a brilliant performance from Ryan Reynolds, in a role that is pretty unusual for him, and allows him to get out of his typical action stereotype, as he really is a great comedic and dramatic actor, when paired with the right script.

A curiously sinister yet funny tone that simultaneously makes you want to laugh and throw up, the film is a dark comedy- with emphasis on the DARK- and may not be suited to everyone's tastes, admittedly. It has moments where the gore can be quite, well, gory, and certainly it touches on mental illness in a way that may make some people uncomfortable. However, in my view, the film never makes fun of Jerry, our protagonist. In Reynolds' words, he is "a serial killer with a heart of gold", and he still remains a likable character that you root for, even to the end.

The film beholds beautiful visuals with great use of colours and very creative ways of showing how Jerry's mind works. I honestly loved it, and recommend it!

Reviewed by mjsreg 8 / 10

Brilliant portrayal

This movie was a big surprise in many ways.

Although I initially thought this was not going to be too interesting and a bit of a superficial storyline, it soon became clear that this was a brilliant production.

The portrayal of someone living in a world dominated by hallucinations - disconnected from reality - yet still being able to function in society is superb and (although symbolic) is incredibly accurate to many people's experiences.

As the movie progressed I felt myself going from enjoying the fairly light interaction between the characters to becoming sucked in to an increasingly disturbed story.

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