The Wasted Times

2016 [CHINESE]


IMDb Rating 7 10 1382

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Ziyi Zhang as Xiao Liu
Tadanobu Asano as Watabe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wesc-5-62313 9 / 10


There is not a shot out of place, not a word uttered or note of music that is not just right in this film. I admit I had to watch it twice to get all the nuances. You must listen for when they are speaking Shanghainese or Japanese and you must understand a bit about what was happening in china and shanghai in 1937. There are family ties, triad ties, Japanese secret society ties and love ties. There is betrayal of all these ties. Jumping back and forth in time makes the plot unravel slowly and like a game of mah-jong the final betrayal is revealed when all the tiles are exposed at the end. This is a great movie. It does not have any kung-fu or wire-work or epic slow motion gunfights and white doves - but it is a truly original masterpiece. I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a thoughtful movie and be challenged by what a great piece of cinema is.

Reviewed by lichtblickzzzz 9 / 10

A Film about Tolerance and Repentance, Though Disliked by A Few Japanese People

In response to a Japanese user's one star, I think 9 stars is fair.

The spying before WWII from Japan in China was prevalent and nasty. The robbery was under the name "East Asia Coproerisity." The fighting against those invaders had never stopped. (as recorded in history and in the film, the old Shanghai gang people also contributed much in underground acticivities)

I have been consistently shocked by how more and more Japanese people tend to beautify their WWII history since the last decade. If even this film could even hurt their feeling, this film should not be blamed.

This is a film about tolerance and repentance. It is a life story of the hero, it is also a portrait of the culture, or an attitude in the family, friendship and business.

Though I am not a fan of Shanghai culture, I really like the acting. The description of the old Shanghai fashion is really good. Much of the Shanghai culture has been lost since 1949 but some still left. As you can see in the movie, it was very exquisite but life-oriented.

Reviewed by activereasoner 10 / 10

Great Chinese Gangster Flick

This is one of the best gangster movies I've ever seen. It's streaming on Amazon and I've watched it twice, and I'll watch it again. I'll buy it. Complex, beautiful, horrific, and unforgettable. Everything about The Wasted Times is great. This film deserves far more interest and a much higher rating.

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