The Wasteland

2021 [SPANISH]

Drama / Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 2565

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Roberto Álamo as Salvador
Inma Cuesta as Lucía
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gianmarcoronconi 6 / 10


Very nice movie based on the slow descent into neglect madness on the part of the mother. As a horror it is well structured and gives a good tension without ever frightening too much. But there are some forcing and the child's character is not so well written and at times it is annoying and this is a shame because some scenes are very beautiful.

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Father, mother, son and the ...

... holy(?) ghost? Actually not so holy ... on the other hand does it exist? And if it does, what is it? There are a lot of questions here, that you have to decide if there is a definitve answer for here. Because I think the movie remains quite vague - even when it is showing you things. Are they actually there? And if they are, what are they? Questions and more questions come up.

The actors are really doing a great job - there is nothing while at the same time there is so much. It may be called wasteland, but even in the empty space of nothing, our mind will fill in things - no pun intended. Depending on how much slack you are willing to give or cut the movie, you'll be able to enjoy this more or less than others who are watching it. I think the script needed a bit more work and maybe they needed a bit more time and money to realize certain things (not just effects)

Reviewed by kaefab 4 / 10

Boring at best

Well netflix is usually a hit or a miss for this one its in the middle, the movie is boring almost nothing happens.

I do understand you must eat but those poor rabbits i got attached more to them then anyone in this movie who where annoying at best.

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