The Water Horse


Action / Adventure / Family / Fantasy

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David Morrissey as Capt. Hamilton
Emily Watson as Anne MacMorrow
Brian Cox as Old Angus
Ben Chaplin as Lewis Mowbray
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Reviewed by roberta-38524 2 / 10

I would NEVER show this movie to a child and I'm sorry I watched it myself

I am surprised I appear to be in the minority of disliking this movie. The premise was promising, the beginning of the movie very engaging, and the Crusoe was a delightfully rendered creature. The scenery was also breathtaking. However, the close up of the dead stag, dog being eaten, and clear portrayal of what should have constituted child abuse negated anything positive that might have been gained from the movie, and the ending scene of another child finding another egg and another story of abuse and unnecessary heartbreak made it even worse. Do yourself a favor and don't watch. It's not worth wasting the tears and tissue over it.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 9 / 10

An excellent movie for a family afternoon or for the little ones to watch.

The story of this film is clearly inspired by the legends surrounding the "Loch Ness Monster", a creature that supposedly inhabits Scotland's deepest and most famous lake. The script is based on the deep relationship between the creature, a "water horse", and a young boy who had few friends, fear of water and an unresolved mourning after his father died in a shipwreck, probably provoked by a German submarine (everything happens during World War II). It does not matter if you believe in the existence of this creature or not, the fact is that the film works well as a family movie, creating a moving story and managing to form a strong bond of empathy between the audience and the characters, especially the boy, his mother and the little monster, who is a perfectly lovely creature. Everything was thought to create empathy with the audience, to involve our emotional side, and this works wonderfully well. A curious point is that the great villains are the British soldiers, with a deeply harsh and somewhat imperialistic pose, which may possibly be a subliminal criticism of the relationship between the English and the Scots.

Alex Etel did a good performance in the role of little Angus and Brian Cox also performed very well with the task of playing the character these days. Ben Chaplin made a very good character who made an excellent counterpoint to the villain, the British official played by David Morrissey. Emily Watson also pleased me, playing a careful, stiff but loving mother who has recently widowed and still misses her husband. However, it's the monster that enchants and deserves greatest attention. Of course, it's great quality CGI. The cinematography is excellent and the Scottish landscapes enchanted me, with large green hills and picturesque villages. The soundtrack is very good and plays its part wonderfully, but is quickly forgotten after the movie ends.

Overall this is a great movie for an afternoon with the whole family and it has everything for everyone, but it will be especially appealing to the younger ones of course. I recommend!

Reviewed by iluvmovies-79338 8 / 10

An emotional and unforgettable Journey.

This review may contain spoilers.

The water horse is an excellent movie showing the journey of a boy who found an egg of water horse and how he raised it during WWII, and the emotional bond develops between the two. This is a descend movie with some OK CGI. But the acting was awesome and the way which the story develops character is quite appealing. there was never a dull moment in the movie. The boy finds the creature which he initially do not understand and take care of him. There was so much cuteness in this movie. The baby creature was quite adorable. The animation was good and the soundtrack was superb.

The climax bought tears in my eyes. A must watch for kids and adult

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