The Wedding Ring



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Raymond Ablack as Anthony Prentice
Cory Lee as Tamara Dean
Dillon Casey as Jamie Coleman
Sara Mitich as Judy Sterling
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

A good man is hard to find

Kate Sterling (Lauren Lee Smith) runs a small shop selling her own jewelry. She loves selling her individually designed wedding rings for adoring couples. Out of the blue, she's contacted by her first boyfriend Jamie Coleman (Dillon Casey). He's an employment consultant and is in town to recruit her for a hated big jewelry company. He only tells her after she invites him on a date. He reveals that his real passion is cooking.

Lauren Lee Smith is adorable as always. I've always known that she's tall but she seems especially tall in this one. Bigger productions usually can hide it or cast around it. The premise is a bit intriguing for this type of standard TV rom-com. The problem is that the guy has limited charisma and limited chemistry. This is not unusual for this type of movies. They just need to find a better guy. A good man is hard to find.

Reviewed by KehDBug 3 / 10

Asking for a divorce

I record and watch every single rom-com that airs on the Hallmark channels and UpTV. But even with the stinkers out there, I've never felt like I had no other choice than to fast-forwarded to the end--until this offering where I broke down at the hour mark. In the past, I've managed to have the movies going in the background while I do housework. But this was just such a muddled mess! And I love Lauren Lee Smith from 'Frankie Drake Mysteries,' but that's an example of actually GOOD writing. In this film, the dialogue is cringey, the storyline is all over the place, and characters just suddenly emerge in random scenes and you have no idea who they are. There also needed to be scenes with Kate actually working to create her custom pieces. It would have helped to support the notion that she really loves her "little store." And no offense to the actor playing Jamie, but he was not "leading man" material. He had no charisma, and his hair was so distracting (from the really bad cut/style to the oil slick slapped on top). He wasn't that handsome, and he struck me as more of a comedian in looks. I can't give a rating any lower than 1 star, so I gave 1 additional star for Lauren Lee Smith. The other star is for the one realistic element presented, which was the actresses' hair. As opposed to most of the movies where the female characters look like they just came from Hair & Makeup (which the actors did), the women in this movie had hairstyles that looked like how a normal woman would do her hair. (Yes, "Chasing Waterfalls," I'm calling you out on the perfectly styled hair on the lead which was AFTER she'd gotten her hair all wet swimming.)

Reviewed by hallmarkmov 4 / 10

What is this movie about?

There are so many characters, I was confused who she was talking to and what she was talking about. A ring designer who is proud of owning her own store, then a party, engagement, lured by an old flame to work for a big company she apparently hates, suddenly breaking into a restaurant to throw flour at each other? What is happening? I was completely distracted when Nneke Elliot showed up! Remembered her from cp24!! Was she really pregnant at the time of filming? I haven't finished the movie yet, but I have no idea where it is going and there's only 20 minutes left. Does the guy really like Kate or is he trying to hire her at his company? Although he works at a restaurant not a ring place so why did they pay him to go and wine and diner her? This is so confusing. Chemistry is very bland, unconvincing. I also find it hard to believe you can recognize someone from grade 8 twenty years later. The young actors playing them don't look like them.

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