The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnfarrar-752-164078 7 / 10

Entertaining Values Oriented Win

So often movies that lack story substitute with effects and big names. This movie was a delightful exception that had a first production effort worthy of many more movies. The movie is a mix of the crossing of three elderly gents and a delightful waitress who chooses to overlook their cranky presentation to give them the best of service. It's one more movie that goes into my watch it again list.

The movie takes place in a local dinner mostly where the three lead elder men meet every Wednesday for breakfast. The timing in the flow of the movie is superb as it draws you in at the right pace to where you forget the stage (in theater terms) and get wrapped up in the actors. It will take your heart for a genuine stroll into the world of those who have gone before us and are nearing the end of their journey in a loving and delightful way.

Reviewed by lady-jessica-blomgren 10 / 10

Loved this movie, fantastic, family friendly

I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

This is a film that I would heartily recommend for families with children of all ages.

It gave so much to think about, such as the biblical principles of honoring elders, being patient, and being generous, and the film accomplished this through laughter, tears, and even a moment of heart-stopping action.

The musical arrangements were fantastic, always so perfectly timed and well executed.

But, I have to say, my favorite part was watching Megan (Stacey Bradshaw) grow over the course of the movie. It was very interesting to see how that was portrayed though her own narration. In the beginning she moves past things that seem difficult (the breakfast club, a group of three persnickety older men) and grows to not simply deal with their crankiness, but come to love them, and be moved by their lives.

I shan't spoil it, but get tissues. This is a beautifully crafted story, wonderfully done, and it will leave you with a heart full of thankfulness for the time you have today.

Reviewed by eje7773 10 / 10

The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club

The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club is one of the most moving, and revealing films that I have ever watched. I will never view the elderly in the same light. The story line gripped my heart. The writing of, Amanda Barber was superb, as was the directing by Justin Barber. Whoever did the casting did a wonderful job. The actors, the talented David Cade, and the older gentleman, Heinrich Roth, Nathan Goldwin, and Ricky Lombardo worked well with the two young and talented actresses, Stacey Bradshaw, and Amanda Barber. Their performances couldn't have been any better. The film reveals what most of us gave up on, or have lost in the past decades. I for one was compelled by The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club to come out of my complacency concerning the elderly among us. The behind the scenes interviews are just a fabulous as the film itself. I plan to purchase this film for as many people as I possibly can. I also plan to donate this great film to my local library. I highly recommend The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club to people of all ages, young and old alike. Families, and Church groups would do well to view it together.

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