The Whalebone Box


Biography / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 122

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by strathcarnage 1 / 10

An Absolute Waste of 84 Minutes of your Life. Avoid.

Awful. Simply awful.From the random woman screaming, to the absolute pseud with his verbal diahorrea about small hills, to the exploitation of a clearly tired and bored disabled performer being ignored for the sake of some extra footage on a random beach at twilight. Thin gruel.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 4 / 10

A whalebone russian doll....

I haven't really much idea as to what this film is trying to achieve here, to be honest. Andrew Kötting takes us, and writer iain Sinclair, on a journey to the Isle of Harris with the eponymous box that can, apparently, alter the lives of anyone who touches it. The film makes no pretence to entertain in any sort of traditional fashion, nor does it try to engage on any intellectual or cultural level either. It appears to be little more than a self-indulgent documentary-style exercise peppered with curious whalebone stories, some beautiful cinematography from far-flung parts of the country and a disabled performer who appears to have been promised a role in a film without having any true purpose throughout.

Reviewed by dommercaldi 5 / 10

Strangely Entrancing, And Just Plain Weird

Pros: 1. The film is incredibly unique in a bizarre kind-of-way, and it's strangely captivating as a result. 2. There are myriad beautiful shots, and overall the movie is aesthetically pleasing. 3. The soundtrack is great and is implemented with brilliant timing. 4. The whale sounds help to add a suitably eerily disturbing and ethereal atmosphere.

Cons: 1. The film, unsurprisingly, is obnoxiously pretentious and makes very little sense as it relies more on the abstract. 2. The movie, even with the relatively short run-time, starts to drag around just over halfway through. 3. With a lack of a traditional plot and characters, it's exceedingly difficult to be fully immersed in the movie.

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