The Whistle at Eaton Falls



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Anne Francis as Jean London
Ernest Borgnine as Bill Street
Arthur O'Connell as Jim Brewster
Murray Hamilton as Al Webster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hup234! 9 / 10

"It's A Wonderful Factory!" ***½

This is a wonderful, absorbing story of the people of fictional Doubleday Plastics.

You'll be reminded of the Frank Capra school of storytelling with unforgettable performances by a terrific cast; and the taut plotline, prophetic in its day, will be now all too familiar to many who have since seen the problems faced by similar mom-and-pop firms in today's fiercely-competitive corporate marketplace. You'll find every scene absorbing in this underrated Siodmak masterpiece. Seek it out! Highly recommended to all.

Reviewed by tedthomasson 10 / 10

Possibly a minor classic of its time

I first saw this when it was screened as a supporting feature in Australia in 1951/52 and hasn't been seen here since. A pity, because it was rather more cerebral and realistic than almost anything else seen in that era. I was only 14 when I saw it so I can't remember much about the plot but its realism came through (I was a pretty savvy kid movie-wise, I must admit). I could only remember Lloyd Bridges until I looked it up just now and was surprised to see who else was in it: Anne Francis, Ernest Borgnine, Carleton Carpenter, Murray Hamilton etc, before they became known. I'm also a little surprised director Robert Siodmak didn't run into strife with the McCarthy hearings in those years as it seemed to me the movie could be seen as a tad leftish, but I may be wrong as I was too young to understand that at the time, and this was not an issue in Australia then. Anyway, the semi-documentary treatment and the (apparent} filming on location added to the straightforward treatment. Columbia made some interesting movies around that time, some that I would suggest are a high-water mark in American movie-making and should be seen more often. If it's as good as I remember it, it should be seen as a minor classic.

Reviewed by larry41onEbay 8 / 10

A message from yesterday that still applies today, that is if we want to have a job tomorrow...

The Whistle At Eaton Falls (1951) Is a timeless drama about people facing changes, labor versus technology versus job security versus management profits and or the lack thereof. The whistle is on the largest employer in a small New England town, a plastics factory that is struggling to keep up with competition when the president suddenly dies. His widow played by former silent film legend Dorothy Gish promotes young labor leader Lloyd Bridges hoping he can inspire the workers to see that the new changes that must be made if the company town expects to keep most of their jobs. Inside the union there are factions that want the new necessary changes and equipment to fail so they can keep one man on one machine. But the new machines can run so efficiently, one man can operate two at one time thus making the company profitable enough to stay open. But first there are production contracts that must be made to sell those plastic parts to pay the bills and buy the new equipment. Before long Lloyd is running out of time and money so fast he is forced to close the factory, lay off the employees and sell the backlog of stock at a loss while he works non-stop, round the clock to find the timesaving edge over his competition. Meanwhile Murray Hamilton (the weak whiny mayor from Jaws) brings in outside agitators to try and take over the union. Also on the side of the opposition is Russell Hardie a disgruntled employee who is so bitter about not getting the promotion to president he goes to work for the competition and tries to convince the Eaton Falls union he's on their side, all the while he's planning to close the plant once they steal Bridges' new ideas. Can the situation be resolved before yet another factory closes permanently, or will only one side win and take down everyone else? A message from yesterday that still applies today, that is if we want to have a job tomorrow...

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