The Whole Ten Yards


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Reviewed by Rooster99 1 / 10


Absolutely terrible. Unbelievably bad. Not the least bit funny. Moronic, extremely lame jokes, terrible acting, no plot at all worth mentioning, a perfect example of the decline of Hollywood films. After 10 minutes you will be pulling out your hair. The lines are so bad Ernest wouldn't have used them.

The first movie (Whole 9 Yards) was witty, humorous, and surprisingly good. Everything worked. Perry was particularly effective as the bumbling dentist whose wife is out to get him. Willis was great as a serious hit-man who doesn't want to be sequestered away in Canada. And both Peet and Henstridge were effective in their roles as an enthusiastic yet green hit-woman, and a mobster's wife (respectively). But this movie??? It had none of that. There was not a single memorable moment, nor anything that would even evoke a chuckle. The physical comedy was very forced, and incredibly obvious. The jokes were just plain terrible. There was no direction, this movie meandered all over the place. The whole bit with Willis pretending he liked to keep house? That was simply idiotic.

This movie was so bad it makes Charlies Angel's 2 look like a masterpiece, and that is really an impressive feat. It is hard to imagine how after the first one which was such an effective comedy, the same team could churn out this complete and utter crap. It boggles the imagination. It is actually hard to think of worst sequels, or at least ones that were so much more terribly bad than the original actually good film (if both stink, that doesn't count); CA2 is the best example I can think of but then again the first one was nothing to write home about. How about Jaws 4? Friday the 13th 27? I really can't think of a more disappointing film, particularly after the promise of the first 9 Yards.

Terrible, absolutely terrible. Should be retitled "The 3 stooges get Lazlo", except that would be an insult to the stooges. My advice? Rent the first one and pretend this one was never made.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 4 / 10

Step back nine yards

After the fun time I had watching The Whole Nine Yards, I was looking forward to seeing The Whole Ten Yards. But I watched it last night and I was pretty much disappointed with where they took the story. It just seemed like they took the characters and turned them into something completely different. For me, I'm such a Bruce Willis fan, so when I saw him growing and acting like a bull while he was drunk in one scene, I didn't laugh, I actually wanted to cry for him, it was pretty pathetic what they did to this cool, smooth, charismatic hit man that we knew and loved in the first film. The script and story was just up to par like the first film was, in fact, I would've appreciated it if they just left The Whole Nine Yards alone if they really felt like this one had a chance for a great comedy.

Jimmy has changed from this tough guy hit man to a Martha Stuart and Jill is not happy with it. Oz and Cynthia are in a quiet life in hiding from the gangsters. Lazlo is out of prison and wants revenge, so he "kidnaps" Cynthia and now Jimmy, Jill, and Oz get together to save her only to find out there are more twists and turns than they expected. But Jimmy has to go deep back into his roots of being the tough guy, not Mr. Clean.

Now don't get me wrong, The Whole Ten Yards has a few laughs here and there, but for the most part I just actually felt bad for Bruce Willis with the silly attempt to be a soft like Martha Stuart type of guy, he's just such a great tough guy, it's hard to see him as anything else. Matthew Perry wasn't as fun as he was in the first movie and neither was Amanda, it just seems like everyone lost their magic and chemistry with each other in this film. I really wish that I loved this film, but I'm having a hard time, I'm sorry.


Reviewed by SeminolePhenom 4 / 10

By no means as good as the original...

When Oz's (Matthew Perry) new wife Cynthia (Natasha Henstridge) is captured by the mob, he is no one else to turn to but his old friend Jimmy the Tulip (Bruce Willis). Teaming up with Jimmy and his new wife (Amanda Peat), Oz experiences another crime filled adventure with the mob.

Although not nearly as funny or as exciting as the original, The Whole Ten yards will surely entertain…for the most part. About half of the movie is clever and entertaining and would have deserved my recommendation, but the twist at the end is terrible and made the movie seem worthless. After the twist, follows a ridiculous display of events that are horrible, making the movie in my opinion a failure but still not absolutely terrible. Overall, the movie follows in the footsteps of an entertaining comedy but falls short of what could have been.

I do not recommend this film.

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