The Wind


Horror / Thriller

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Steve Railsback as Kesner
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Wings Hauser as Phil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon2021 5 / 10

Wind and fog machines working overtime....

"The Wind" has some things going for it: an awesome, scenic location (Monemvasia, Greece), a strong cast (in fact, this may be the biggest casting coup that Nico Mastorakis ever achieved - even if scene-stealer Robert Morley really only has one sequence to himself, and David McCallum about three), and a score that's a homage to the gialli of the 1970s (an early work by Hans Zimmer!). But it is repetitive, and the story has no real surprises (certainly the fact that the villain has to be killed about three separate times before he finally dies is not one of them). This film might have worked better as a 30-minute short or an episode of a TV series; there isn't enough material here for a 90-minute feature. ** out of 4.

Reviewed by acidburn-10 5 / 10

Quite tame thriller with slasher elements

"The Wind" or it's much better title which I viewed it under "The Edge Of Terror" is an OK movie, although I was lured by the DVD'S interesting artwork, which made this movie look like a body count, but it's not although there are some deaths, 3 in fact but they aren't anything special very bloodless and quite limp.

The storyline is quite interesting where we get a novelist named Sian Anderson leaves her L.A. pad to travel to a remote Greek island to write her new book, unaware that her fellow neighbour and handyman is about to snap and begin a murder spree. Although this movie picks up a decent pace, it's just the so called wind wasn't as dramatic as it should have been, and despite the decent enough pace this movie still tends to drag in places like before the climax and although the chase scenes are pretty good it just wasn't tense enough for my taste and some of the moments that should have been shocking just wasn't horrific enough.

Well there is a lot to like about this movie firstly the cast are interesting namely Meg Foster who plays the lead character, a very underrated actress who should be more well known and she does a great job here and carries the movie on her shoulders effortlessly and Robert Morley was quite fun as the pompus landlord and Wings Hauser as the maniac did okay, but not quite menacing enough though but he did pretty good.

All in all "The Edge Of Terror" is pretty tame thriller with some decent moments but not enough to shine, and the pointless scenes that are just there to pad out the running time, like when the honeymoon couple show up stranded, they should have got murdered, now that would have been a great climax, so not a bad film by any means, just don't expect a full on slasher movie or you will be disappointed.

Reviewed by rivertam26 6 / 10

Saved by a spunky Meg Foster

This a strange flick. Filmed in Greece but I'm pretty sure it's Italian horror. Meg Foster (31) with her entrancing eyes stars as a young writer who goes on a retreat in Greece to work on her new thriller novel. Upon arriving she meets the weird misogynistic owner of the property and than the creepy housekeeper who ends up attacking her. She's quite the resilient final girl thwarting him again and again with clever tactics. The a actual wind plays a big part as an ominous force surrounding the house and ripping through the island. The movie is well shot and the central performance is engaging and impressive. The only real problem is the odd pacing jumping from fast to slow. At times it takes you out of the action breaking up its flow. All in all it's just entertaining enough to merit a light reccomend.


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