The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

2022 [KOREAN]


IMDb Rating 6.5 10 351

sequel supernatural

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Jong-Suk Lee as Jang

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by linhchi-1993 6 / 10


Ok this is just an extension and expansion of a good old story. Introducing a new girl, more sides of the evil organization, faking super power fighting and CGIs but nothing wowed me or still stuck in my brain when I walked out of the movie theater. Just another plain story to be told thousand times before but with young and beautiful actors and actresses.

I like the set up of this world but I rather follow the route of the girl from part 1, at least, she got an amazing plot twist.

Reviewed by linhp-43303 5 / 10

A disappointment to Part 1

I saw this movie because of its prequel but this Part 2 is below the Part 1 in almost everything: the script, character building, pacing, acting and even fighting scenes. Somes may praise its visual but to me it's just another case of technique abuse. The only consolation is Ja Yoon's appearance and a few minutes with Kim Da Mi are worth more than the whole hour of the female character's dead blank face. So no Part 3 for me.

Reviewed by witra_as 6 / 10

Convoluted but fun gruesome kills

I wasn't quite engaged through its convoluted new characters' stories but Park Hoon-jung didn't let us down with some cute/cringey moments and gruesome kills. At least superhuman concepts in convincing world building will live to see another day in Part 3.

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