The Woodsman


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 68

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mfoda19 1 / 10

You wouldn't like this one

Trust me, this one is a disaster. The acting really sucks. You'd feel that you're watching a game-based movie. This movie is classified as a thriller. Guess what? There's nothing thrilling about this movie. It looks like a project for graduation from college, more or less. I could go on and on. I just don't wanna spoil it for those who might be interested.

It was just awful to watch. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Reviewed by SSK9030 3 / 10

Not bad

For a Christian themed horror movie, The Woodsman is not bad. It's more of a standard detective movie rather than horror. The acting is not Masterpiece Theater but most horror movies rarely are. The overall arc is about becoming something better so it's positive without being preachy. The sound is a bit off. I know people with a similar accent as the mom but it sounds as if they dubbed her in for some reason. I also took a star off because they went for a film noir effect but it ended up making the lead character seem creepy. It does stop after awhile but I almost turned the movie off in the first few minutes. I wouldn't watch it again but I don't think it was terrible.

Reviewed by borgolarici 3 / 10

Low tv-tier movie

This is the kind of thriller you see on tv during the afternoon: average acting, bland script, pretty boy main lead with a dark past.

I couldn't make it to the end.

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