The Xango from Baker Street


Comedy / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 1183

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Top cast

Joaquim de Almeida as Sherlock Holmes
Maria de Medeiros as Sarah Bernhardt

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jnvalente 8 / 10

A Hugely Amusing Novel translates into a Great Movie

I must confess that before buying Jô Soares' novel on which this film is based I knew him only as a first-rank humourist, mostly on tv. The novel was quite a revelation, even if at some points slightly herectic to this Absolute Sherlock Holmes fan and unofficial Baker Street Irregular (^-^)

But soon I was swept over in the tropical overwhelming style - and I must say much the same happened with this Brazil/Portugal co-production. I'm not trying to swing things my way, but Porto seemed altogheter more convincing than Rio as a XIXth century scenario for Holmes adventures. Joaquim de Almeida is competent as a Holmes set loose in near-tropicalia, but I have to give my highest kudos to Maria de Medeiros' impeccable play of Sarah Bernhardt! Do you know a greater challenge for an actress? All in All - An extremely entertaining film. And a great hope for closer contacts between Brasileiro & Português talento in the field of Cinema!

Reviewed by jesca 8 / 10

Fantastic production and super-details

Jô Soares, famous Brazilian comic actor and writer, created the most unlikely Sherlock Holmes. Joaquim de Almeida performs beautifully with his perfect British accent.

The set is perfect in all details showing a fantastic production

without concessions of any kind. I had the luck of witness filming of some scenes in Porto where minor details were of great concern to the wardrobe and make-up team. Also in the re-creation of many artefacts used in the set.

Although a comedy, this movie never falls to the "easy laugh" thus creating subtle cross-references such as the birth of famous Brazilian cocktail 'Caipirinha' or explaining the myth of Jack the Ripper.

A "must see" for everyone looking for a good time and also to learn

some historical facts about Brazilian independence from Portugal as well as the style of living in the late 1800's. One must keep in mind that Portugal (followed by Brasil) was the first country to abolish slavery.

Reviewed by chris-459 7 / 10

Nice work

I have read the book and liked it very much. I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes and I was very much amused by the book, O Xangô de Baker Street, written by Jô Soares, whom I am always pleased to hear and see on TV. I laughed a lot when I read the book. It's quite good. I also liked the film, but I must admit I prefer the book, though I always think it is silly to compare literature with cinema, because they are two different art forms. The one thing I can say is that I laughed more reading the book than I did watching the movie. I think the timing in the picture is not very good. The director/ editor almost always interrupted the joke with a cut. But still the film has lots of jokes and it is very funny. The image is beautiful as well as the sets, costumes and so on.

The actors are superb - all of them. Joaquim de Almeida and Maria de Medeiros are especially good in it. Another one I liked a lot was the one who played the murderer. When I read the book that was almost exactly as I pictured the murderer to be. Anyway I recommend the film to every one and give it 7 out of 10.

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