The Xrossing


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 156

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by infoisolatednation 9 / 10

Western Australian film, The Xrossing, hits close to home

Directed by Steven J. Mihaljevich, The Xrossing is a compelling, moving and uniquely Western Australian film.

Opening with hazy, suburban scenery and the sweeping bushland of Swan View, the scene reveals the brooding murder of a young girl, Tracey Myers. Surrounded in mystery, her death begins to unravel loose ends. Without revealing too much, the ensuing chaos and multiple story arcs climaxing together will have you on the edge of your seat.

For those who have the pleasure of experiencing this film in all its glory, it's none other than a beautiful reminder of how human connection remains a central driving force, no matter the story.

Reviewed by lezlyherbert 10 / 10

The Xrossing Puts Multi-Dimensional Characters at Its Heart directed by Steven J Mihaljevich

This riveting locally shot film revolves around the repercussions of the murder of a young girl in the Swan Valley. Three teenage boys decide that a quiet Noongar man Black Bobby (Kelton Pell), who keeps to himself, is the perpetrator. Riding their bikes through the bush and armed with spray cans, they set off a chain of events that cumulate in a shocking ending.

This film is not a murder mystery that tries to find a murderer, though there are hints dropped if you watch the flashbacks carefully. It is a drama about prejudice, violence, ignorance, revenge and redemption. At its heart are several multi-dimensional characters whose decisions charge the directions of their lives forever.

Unlike his mates Shane (Jacob O'Neill) and Angus (Jamie Smith), Chris (Luke Morgan) manages to break the cycle of prejudice and violence and veer from the path of toxic masculinity. He is strong enough to resist his peers and intelligent enough make amends for injustice with the support of girlfriend Abbey (Georgia Eyers).

It is distressing to watch less enlightened characters get caught up in the whirlpool of hate and eventually self-destruction. Mihaljevich is absolutely mesmerising as Shane's half brother and local drug lord Phoenix as he careers towards an inevitable crisis.

Former high school drama teacher Mihaljevich, who lives in Swan View, has already received awards for his low budget drama (below $250,000) - winning best film in the micro-budget category at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. This is not a brilliant Western Australian film - it is a brilliant film for the world stage.

Reviewed by benjeffery-36293 10 / 10

A remarkable achievement

The buzz around this film - and the awards it was winning internationally- meant I had pretty high expectations for it, and they were more than exceeded!

The story of the struggle to break the cycle of crime, ignorance and bigotry is handled with aplomb and becomes increasingly engrossing as it unfolds. It is never predictable or trite and brings several genuinely moving moments.

The performances of the main characters are all incredible - nuanced and subtle and completely believable at all times.

The movie also shows different aspects of the city of Perth - it's natural beauty on full display alongside it's seedier human side.

This film deserves all the accolades and compliments it has been receiving and I highly recommend checking it out.

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