The Year of Fury

2020 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 6.1 10 157

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Alberto Ammann as Diego
Martina Gusman as Susana
Maribel Verdú as Emilia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by victorcanalejo 4 / 10

Neither nourishes nor entertains

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not an original script, but rather a script adapted from Gualberto Baña's novel, "El Ordenamiento del Orden", published by Debate in 2001. Although it has been made a great effort in trying to turn a complex novel, which was closer to Onetti, into a product more accessible to the general public, along the way, a great depth charge has been lost, and none of the goals that the film seems to pursue have been achieved. Neither nourishes nor entertains. And they are probably these, the two problems that the film suffers from on almost all its fronts, that it stays in the middle of nowhere -the following, composition, and structure of its plot lines do not defend an integrating plan-, and that the Dramatic construction is so shallow and predictable that it doesn't entertain. And inevitably this affects the construction of the characters, giving rise to the painful spectacle of contemplating very great actors (the best of the film), struggling to contribute all that the script lacks, depth. And the same happens with the also remarkable work of photography and music. In short, narratively closer to the soap opera than to any other genre.

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