The Zero Boys


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Joe Estevez as Killer
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Kelli Maroney as Jamie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mooseburg 8 / 10

Hidden 80s classic

The Zero Boys movie review

The zero boys is a 1986 action comedy horror directed by Nico Mastorakis, staring daniel hirsch as steve and Kelli Maroney as jamie. The Zero boys was a great surprise for me I turned it on for back ground noise and from moment one i was hooked, i couldn't take my eyes off the screen .the movie can be brokeen down into two halfs; first half is a teen comedy, but then at around the forty minute mark it turns into a full blown slasher flic with genuine creepy moment. the first half is a little dull but is helped a long by the comedy relief (RIP and larry played by Jared Moses and Tom Shell respectivly) the acting in the first part of the movie is average at best but Kelli Maroney is a shining light during the latter half so the acting is improved tenfold. the eighties craziness begins with the maniacs laying siege on the group. the special effects are top notch in my opinion. everything you want from a slasher flick. I was also pleasantly surprise when I found out one of the maniacs is played by martin sheens younger brother Joe Estevez who is definitely an asset to the movie. the ending is a heart thumping ride that ends so right but yet so wrong..... all in all i would consider The Zero Boys a hidden gem of a movie and would highly recommend for any fan of 80s horror or action for that matter and for that i will give The Zero boys Four skulls out of five

Reviewed by warstrikesback 10 / 10

I really loved it!

Wow, I've just seen the "Zero Boys" and I have to admit that I enjoyed this trip very much. The movie takes some time to get into action but after some minutes one can feel the perfectly created horror - atmosphere. I was mostly fascinated by the way this movie is presented to its audience: the camera direction is quite often exaggerated in an unusual but flawless way in order to preserve the creepy atmosphere. I was pleased by the killers being presented in a supernatural way. Often the spectator has the feeling that the killers are so superior that none of the victims could survive, but watch it yourself...... Mastorakis even included some allusions. For example one of the "Boys" is asking for "Jason" to come out of the house which they're standing in front of (It's the killers' house). For those who like the killers, the ending might be satisfying, but convince yourself! What a pity that Mastorakis never made Part II. Finally I can only remark that Fans of killer movies like "I still know...." or "Friday 13th" may watch this movie without hesitation. Believe me, it's definitely worth it!

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

Not Your Typical 1980s Horror Film

A group of friends travel to a wilderness area to play a survival game. Soon they unexpectedly find themselves in a real-life survival situation.

The first thing movie fans will probably notice about this film is that the score comes from Hans Zimmer, who has since become legendary. The score is remarkable, and if this was truly Zimmer's work, it is among his most fun and moving scores. You will not hear another score like it. Although not widely know, Frank Darabont (who is now a huge director), got his start in the art department on this film. Marianne Maddalena, the right-hand woman to Wes Craven for most of his career, was also a production assistant for "Zero Boys".

Writer-director-producr Nico Mastorakis decided to cast largely unknown actors. Presumably, this was done for budget reasons. Despite this, he did land Kelli Maroney, who he now says was "never any trouble" and has nothing but high praise for her. Daniel Hirsch was carried over from "Sky High", but could hardly be considered a known actor, especially since no one saw "Sky High".

Among the main cast is Nicole Rio, who is a horror icon in her own little way. She does not have a long list of credits, but 1986 brought her both this film (her debut) and the better-known "Sorority House Massacre". Being that her father and brother were in show business, it is something of a mystery why she seems to have more or less dropped out before she ever got going.

The biggest name in the film (besides perhaps Joe Estevez) is Kelli Maroney, who is definitely a horror icon. She will forever be identified with "Night of the Comet". Had the 1980s horror boom lasted a few years longer, she probably would have gone from genre favorite to big screen success. Apparently she butted heads with the director on "Zero Boys", being more strong-willed than he was hoping for. He may have forgotten this.

Other reviewers have noted that the gruesome sequences anticipate the so-called torture porn horrors of "Hostel" and "Saw". And this is a fair assessment. The movie has an unusual scene of tone, starting out very light-hearted, but then getting quite dark. The 1980s slasher film often can be seen as dark comedy, but the torture scenes here are too gritty, too dirty to have any humor at all. This takes away from the enjoyment of the picture, but it does make you wonder if "Hostel" or "Saw" was in some way influenced by this grit?

Besides giving us a beautiful 2K restoration, Arrow Video has put more than a couple features on their 2016 blu-ray. We have audio commentary with star Kelli Maroney ("Night of the Comet"), as well as new interviews with Maroney, writer-director-producr Nico Mastorakis (very humorous), and actress Nicole Rio. And two music videos! Want to read more on the film? Check out the fully-illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing by critic James Oliver.


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