There's Something About Mary


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 284015


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Ben Stiller as Ted
Cameron Diaz as Mary
Sarah Silverman as Brenda
Matt Dillon as Healy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boba_Fett1138 8 / 10

A real trend-setter.

Whenver we refer to modern comedies I think we have to go all the way back to "There's Something About Mary" to see where this all started. It set the new standards for comedy and also became a much imitated movie. Movies however very rarely reached the level of this movie ever again, including all of the Farrelly brothers own later work.

It's the sort of raunchy comedy, that makes some completely inappropriate jokes and makes for instance fun of both psychically and mentally handicapped people, among many other things. This is the foremost reason why some people can't really stand this movie but luckily most others are able to see the talent and effort that were put into making this movie and why the movie works out so well.

As strange as it sounds, it's actually a real subtle done comedy. It's not predictable in any way and the build up and execution of it is spot on. It even makes all of the moments, that usually seem like something totally lame and forced, work out as something hilarious.

It also has a great, yet very simple premise, of a bunch of guys all falling for the same girl. It's the sort of story that provides the movie with plenty of silly comical moments, in which the characters lie and constantly are backstabbing each other, all to get the girl in the end.

Cameron Diaz forms the perfect centerpiece for this movie and the movie is filled with plenty of comical characters, all played by some capable genre actors. This movie is still from the time when it was cool to like Ben Stiller and yes, he also really is perfect in his role. But basically everyone is perfectly cast in this, which is obviously also a reason why the movie and all of its comedy works out so well.

Comedies like this only seem to come once every 10 years, or so.


Reviewed by amheretojudge 5 / 10

where would i have seen your work..

There's Something About Mary

Multiple characters and their sub plots are the key in here for it thickens the plot and gives enough space and increases the probability of the comic sequences and humor to fit in. There's Something About Mary is fast paced with gripping screenplay and flat out childish humor to rely upon through out the course of it. Cameron is in the centre of it and still feels like she is supporting the other actors like Ben and Matt who are in amazing form with the perfect comic timing. Farrelly Brothers offers enough material in 2 hours and surprisingly an unpredictable script with enough twists to keep investing in it. There's Something About Mary starts off as one of the guilty pleasure movie but turns out quite a reasonable one and a genuine heart with in it.

Reviewed by jhchowdhury123 1 / 10

Stupidest movie of the 90s

Simply dull, gross humor, story of some stalkers and a stupid bitch. That's all!

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