They Call Me Renegade


Action / Adventure / Comedy

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 2654

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Terence Hill as Luke
Robert Vaughn as Lawson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AriSquad 9 / 10

A fun low key movie with good laughs

Fans of Terence Hill are going to get what they expect from this movie. It has that same great humor Hill is known for. This features Terence Hill & his son Ross Hill in a road adventure of chases, fights, & of course, always lending a hand to the needy. Hills movies are always light-hearted, They do have a consistent theme to them but the formula is always a pleasure to watch. If you can find this one, give it a try.

Reviewed by ishotuat 10 / 10

Character: 'Chickadee"

Not only did I see it, I acted in it too. I was the character called "Bad Biker Chickadee", the biker gang leader.( the one leading the pack, on my Trike ) Terence was a real sport to act with. During the shoot of our fight scene, I was told by the 'fight' coach, to go easy on him, due to the fact, that it was 118' out, and we were all sweating like pigs. As we went thru several takes of the fight scene, Terence took me to task, and said to me." Look....I won't break, and you won't hurt me........heck, I'm insured by Loydds of London" We finished the take, the rest is history. Good cast of extras too.If your a Trinity fan, you'll love this one.

Joe Krieg......Phoenix, Az.

Reviewed by dodo_fleet 8 / 10

Awesome Terence Hill movie

Never having seen the previous Spencer and Hill movies, I am unaware of the duo's insignificance here, but I must say that for a low budget movie, this is one great action-packed comedy adventure, lead by Hill (and his son) alone, with Robert Vaughn filling a minor role.

It can be slow in parts, yet is still enjoyable 99% of the way through. Terence Hill plays "Renegade" Luke who unwantingly looks after the son of a good friend, Moose, who is in prison. Moose wants his son Matt to tag along with Luke and his horse "Joe Brown" encouraging the two of them to settle down in a place called Green Haven Valley. At first Luke is reluctant but soon realises Matt isn't such a bad kid.

Along the way there are some decent car chase scenes and trucker action, however when the two reach Green Haven Valley, there comes a completely irrelevant subplot. It turns out that Luke and Matt have Pagan neighbours, and the character development of Ely and his daughters is almost unnecessary, as the movie loses its exciting pace. However, they do play a minor role later in the storyline and if you hang in there long enough, there comes some more slapstick car chases and action between Luke and a previous enemy.

It's sad to read that Terence Hill's adopted son, Ross, was killed in a car accident in 1991. So this was his first, and last, big screen appearance.

Despite being low budget, this movie is very enjoyable and worth watching if you can get your hands on a copy!

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