They're Inside



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by j-nickturner 2 / 10


Found Footage "The Strangers" without any of the cat and mouse. The home invaders are just not scary. They barely even toy with the cast... and all their dialogue is cringey.

There are a bunch of scenes of a predator cat (I think its cheetah) stalking its prey with classical music played over it interjected into the film. Ooooo so artsy... Why don't you just show us the actual antagonists stalking their prey. All we get is a cut phone line and a car that won't start. I've seen that a hundred times before in much better movies.

I think they were trying to make it more of a character drama, but even that side of things isn't compelling at all.

Oof... and that ending... What a cringe fest.

Actually now that I'm really thinking about it, the whole thing is pretty bad.

Reviewed by samuelbailey10 2 / 10

Boring, bland and just bad!

The acting is boring, this movie is boring. So much talking and no pay offs. I usually enjoy these cam style shows but wow this was next level bad. To be honest I lost attention interest around 20 min mark.

Reviewed by H0rr0rluvr89 8 / 10

Smart Horror Film with a Pulse

Although slow-paced, They're Inside delivers an engaging story with some cool kills (I won't dare spoil them here) and an intense final scene that will have you questioning the rest of the film. I am planning to rewatch this one again soon. Hoping these filmmakers all get to make another project very soon!

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