They're Playing with Fire


Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 31%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 758

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Sybil Danning as Diane Stevens
Alvy Moore as Jimbo
Andrew Prine as Michael Stevens
K.T. Stevens as Lillian Stevens

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BloodTheTelepathicDog 5 / 10

Sybil Danning at her Best

This film plays like a B-Film Noir from the 1950s coupled with the steamy erotica of the late night cable channels with some Dr. Giggles thrown in the mix. Needless to say, it was entertaining but in a cheesy, not too high-brow kind of way.

Sybil Danning plays a sexy college professor married to another professor (Andrew Prine)who stands to inherit a sizable sum of money from his mother once she kicks off. The two espousers decide they can't wait for the dough so Sybil urges her obsessed student Eric Brown to assist them in gaining their inheritance. To persuade the young student, Sybil offers him two famous vices: sex and money.

Their plans backfire when mommy proves too much for Eric and chases him off the family estate with a shotgun. As soon as Eric is gone, however, someone else blasts mommy. Eric feels that he is being setup for murder when Prine accuses him of foul deeds, but he can't separate himself from the case due to his attachment to the buxom Miss Danning. The film, which begins as an erotic thriller, then descends into the slasher genre as Eric and Sybil track a masked killer who just might be Sybil's hubby.

STORY: $$$ (Nothing special here--just middle-of-the-road. The characterization could have used more work, as well as the overall plot. There are plenty plot devices that just don't make any sense, like their initial plan to have Eric scare mommy by breaking into her house. I mean, you don't read a will for a frightened dame, so what was going on there?)

ACTING: $$$ (Nothing special here either. Eric Brown seemed out of place in his scenes with Sybil. Not much of an actor, Eric tries to get by on his grin, but fails miserably. Prine does a fine job as Sybil's odious husband while Miss Danning is in good form as the femme fatale).

NUDITY: $$$$$ (This is really the main draw for this film, since it is Sybil at her most obliging. She has a couple shower scenes and three sex scenes. Had there been a better check and balance between the story and Sybil's breast exposure, this could have been a better erotic thriller).

Reviewed by blanbrn 7 / 10

A clever plot a cat and mouse game of drama, and suspense yet the eye candy treat is the knockout Sybil Danning!

This film "They're Playing with Fire" is really a pretty decent B movie as it does have a story and plot twist that's filled with drama and suspense and it's topped off with eye candy and cake icing with erotic scenes from the sexy Sybil! The story is that of two college professors the female being(Sybil)and she seduces one of her young innocent students(Eric Brown)as part of a plot to frame him for the murders of her well to do in-laws. Yet this plan and plot doesn't go as planned it's now a tangled web of deceit, nothing and no one is who they appear.

Along the way despite the blood and violence the screen is spiced up with plenty of skin and sexy nude scenes and love making bed encounters with the sexy B queen goddess miss Sybil(also she's stunning in a black bra!). Overall well done film that's carried by Sybil so if it's your thing give this a watch.

Reviewed by pacmann 7 / 10

A Sybil Danning sensual tour-de-force

Since her start in the late 1960's, Sybil Danning has been called upon to use her sensuality and statuesque physique to bail out many a "B" movie. No exception here, as the stunning Danning plays a college professor/seductress. The victim is gullible Eric Brown (who's acting abilities resemble those of a 4th grader). The highlight of this movie is the seduction of Brown by Danning in the yacht. Great camerawork and Danning's sensuality in her strip give a scorching rating to a scene that will be relived in the minds of red-blooded males. Her other sex scenes were Brown are equally erotic but that is as good as it gets with this movie. The plot is predictable and the just not there. A must for all Danning fans though, so you can drool at the sensual charms of this erotic goddess who seems to have saved the face of many an aspiring "B" movie director with her presence.

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