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Jack O'Connell as Pukey Nicholls
Joseph Gilgun as Woody
Stephen Graham as Combo
Ronald Reagan as Himself
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Reviewed by Tony 6 / 10

It's ok but no skinhead will recognise it.

It's fine in a general sense, it recognises the sort of background skins came from. But we didn't love and hug, our only male bonding was fighting together and seeing who would stand with us. Our crew did actually have a black lad who joined us as we went Pakky bashing. Recreational time was spent getting drunk in the pub, where there might be a gig on, the night would end with a scrap with a crew from another part of town. Come Saturday both crews and others would have a drink together, then head to the football game to face off the opposing teams mob. We loved violence not each other, our only bond was to those who fought best. Most came from broken homes, not the heroic fallen soldier father this film presents. Just bog standard divorce or unknown. We were testosterone and alcohol fuelled angry young men filled with anger, violence was our release. The politics was secondary, we hated everyone, but had a clear view of who wasn't ours.

Reviewed by eddie_baggins 10 / 10

A British classic

A film of raw, unrelenting and passionate power, This is England remains underrated director Shane Meadows greatest singular achievement and one of Britain's all-time great feature length films.

Spawning a collection of worthy mini-series follow ups in the years that followed its critically praised initial release, This is England not only deals with a politically charged time in the United Kingdom's Maggie Thatcher lead period of the 80's but examines the deep undercurrent of racism often present in otherwise civilised western countries all the while being a touching coming of age story of Thomas Turgoose's 12 year old Shaun.

Meadows, who has also displayed a power as a filmmaker to make uncompromising films of almost documentary style realism, evidenced in other standout efforts like A Room for Romeo Brass and Dead Man's Shoes, directs This is England with both an unflinching eye and a compassionate hand as his believable and lovable characters experience life changing events all the while surrounded by a country that has reached a boiling point of tension and rage.

Led by Turgoose's incredible well-constructed debut turn as the vulnerable Shaun who finds himself a part of a ragtag group of skinheads and rascals, This is England's cast that includes such recognisable faces as Joseph Gilgun as the lovable larrikin Woody, Vicky McClure as the deep thinking Lol, Andrew Shim as the Jamaican/British Milky and a young Jack O'Connell as feisty teenager Pukey, is one of the Britain's best ever assembled casts, the case of the perfect performers coming together as a whole that proved it was no lighting in a bottle occurrence when the large portion of the cast returned again for Meadow's award winning TV follow-ups.

As good as both Meadows and his cast are in This is England, this film is owned completely by one of the modern eras most commanding and attention grabbing performances by Stephan Graham as the racist, tormented and charismatic Combo.

A performer who has proved time and time again that his one of the best working in the business, yet a performer who has yet to receive his just rewards, Graham's Combo is a creation that's hard to describe, a fully inhabited incarnation that can only be achieved by actors at the very top of their game.

When Combo makes his entrance into This is England's characters somewhat carefree lives at the 30 minute mark of the film, Meadows film marks its change in direction and tone and enters into an hour or so of cinematic brilliance as we're driven along by Graham's tour de force turn and a story that may seem on the surface to be simplistic, but ends up flooring us with a knockout punch that will linger days after initial viewing.

Encapsulating the time and place of this period incredibly well, a landscape full of checkered shirts, suspenders, shaved heads, Doc Martins and a killer soundtrack, Meadows team-up with his performers, that is steered on its powerful course by Graham, create the world that makes This is England such a special and in many ways important film experience.

Final Say –

Far from an easy watch, This is England may not be everyone's cup of tea but Shane Meadow's gut-punch of a film remains to this day one of the most deceptively powerful and memorably casted films of the 21st century that includes an outstanding debut performance from Thomas Turgoose and a career best turn from Stephen Graham.

5 Ben Sherman shirts out of 5

Reviewed by studioAT 2 / 10

Has it really been 11 years?

This is a gritty and gripping British film, that was later spun-off into some TV series that never quite lived up to the film that preceded them.

It's not an easy watch at times, and the language and violence will put many off, but if you can stay with it you will find some good points on society being made, and some strong acting performances.

It wasn't my sort of thing though.

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