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Robert Longstreet as Steve Helms
Richmond Arquette as Travis Holloway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ignominia-1 8 / 10

lovely characters, simple story

I decided to write this review in order to counterbalance the negative one posted by Farron34.

I liked this movie very much, because it showed real people and their simple lives. Because for Travis just out of prison, even a squalid motel room is a gift, and you perceive it without one word said in that regard. The way he walks out in the chilly air with a hot cup of coffee to look at the "outside" with a fantastic 360° pan around him showing real America: freeway, cars, asphalt, anonymous buildings, bright advertisement - nothing exceptional but the beautiful sunset light of the Nevada desert.

I liked the way it criticizes the Church of Christians, of the zealots, of those who live off the church and its charity but the observation is done gently and respectfully. There is more but you have to see it for yourself, the joy is in the details.

If you want spectacle and glitz this movie is not for you but if you want to observe a few human beings dealing with their banal, only life, filled with the little things that make it worth living, well, this is an excellent movie.

Reviewed by nootch23 6 / 10

Decent film

I came into this film expecting a character driven story without much action and that is exactly what I got. Overall, I liked the film. Each character's back story helped guide the audience into understanding what was currently going on. The characters are so well explained that I was able to relate to them and empathize with them. Travis is such a heartbreaking character that you almost feel relieved Martin comes along into his life. I can't leave out that beautiful 360 degree pan the camera takes in the hotel parking lot. Really effective method to help put yourself into the character's position of confusion and being at a crossroads, not knowing where to go or how to proceed. The only thing that left me a little unsatisfied with the story was that it kind of felt the relationship between Martin and Travis was simply one way. I don't feel Travis' character gave anything to Martin's character. That was the only thing I had against the film. Paul Eenhoorn and Richmond Arquette gave exquisite performances. Pretty decent film and can't wait to see how this director continues to develop as he continues to make movies.

Reviewed by larrys3 9 / 10

Quiet & Engaging Indie

After viewing writer and director Chad Hartigan's latest film "Morris From America", I went back to look at this 2013 movie of his. I'm very glad I did, as I found this indie to be a most wonderful and engaging movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

The writing is impeccably sharp here, with the characters being vivid and real. Paul Eenhoom stars as Martin Bonner, who is working as a volunteer for a Christian outreach program specializing in helping recently released prisoners adjust to society again. Richmond Arquette co-stars as Travis Holloway, who has just finished serving a 12 year sentence for manslaughter (driving drunk), in a Nevada penitentiary. The film will focus on the bonding that will occur between the two men, as Travis attempts to get a new start to his life, and I thought both actors were superb in their roles.

All in all, if you don't need an action flick to keep you happy and you like this type of character driven movie, then I can highly recommend this one.

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